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Packing in the Moonlight.

Does this post title bring Dancing in the Moonlight to mind for anyone else?  Do you even know the song?  If you don’t, please see below.  If you do, please see below. I have loved this song since senior year … Continue reading

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And the Tables Turn…A Profit.

I know I keep saying that the new apartment is cozy, but I don’t know that you’ll fully understand just how cozy I mean until I show you pictures.  For example, the living room is also the desk/computer space and the … Continue reading

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Couch Surfing.

It didn’t take long to discover that Clarice and I – with our powers combined – had very few items to contribute to our new apartment.  Bedroom furniture, a few pans and silverware pretty much summed it up.  Admittedly, I … Continue reading

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Red Alert.

Red alerts are synonymous with Panic Attacks. Some Panic Attacks come directly after putting a large lump sum on something you looked at for 10 minutes and then decided to dedicate a year of your life (and savings) to. Other … Continue reading

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Welcome Home.

Yes sirs and ma’ams.  After history’s shortest and easiest apartment hunt, we found “the one.”  We had seen our “no way” apartments on Friday and found our “yes please” apartment on a Monday in March.  At 6:00pm, to be exact. … Continue reading

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Cape Cod Thrifting.

The move in date is looming.  I still need so many things for my new apartment.  I would rather not spend more money than necessary.  Enter thrifting.    My fabulous mother accompanied me on a 6 hour trek all over within … Continue reading

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The Hunt Is On.

That’s how it felt the minute Clarice said, “I’m ready to start looking for two bedrooms.”  Even though it was months until our leases would be up (on August 31st), it was as though someone had lit a fire under … Continue reading

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