Here We Go.

No.  This isn’t a Bud Light commercial.  This is a blog.  Yes, another blog in the world of blogs that is growing about as quickly as my hankering for chocolate (it’s been 2 hours since my last fix).

I am a 25-year-old “young professional” living in Boston.  Fine.  I actually live in Brighton, but I figured for the sake of introductions I would try to keep it relatively user-friendly for other geographically challenged folks such as myself.  For those of you who are really geographically challenged, Boston is in Massachusetts.  On the east coast.  Of America.

You could say I’m relatively new to the blog thing.  Not just in that I am only starting one now, but in that I have only been reading them for about 8 months.  But I do already have a few favorites:  Young House Love, Joy the Baker, My Baking Addiction, Centsational Girl, Skinny Taste and, of course, my friend (and new mom!) Heather’s blog Simple.Beautiful.Home.

You will notice if you take a gander at the blogs I love that the two most common themes are cupcakes and home improvement.  I know.  They go hand in hand.

So join me as I venture into this new world of blogging as I share my successes and failures of cooking, decorating, and navigating the murky waters of my mid-twenties…


Catie (Yes.  I wanted to type “Gossip Girl.”)

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