Once Upon A Move-In.

This is the move-in story of two friends who came together at work and have become self-proclaimed BOSOM (capitalized for maximized discomfort) buddies over the past year and a half.  Direct quotes referring to self-proclamation include, but aren’t limited to:

  • “I don’t even know what I would do with myself if you weren’t in my life.”
  • “Imagine if one of us never started working here.”
  • “Obviously you’re my MOH.”  (That’s Maid of Honor for all you not-obsessed with abbreviations and marriage and it’s a PBD – pretty big deal.)

So we opted to enter the next phase of buddy-hood.  The move in.  It’s a grand plan and it all started with the concept of “The Cutest Freaking Aparment Ever.”  The C.F.A.E.  But then we realized that we don’t actually like the word “freaking” unless to describe dance moves – and even then freaky is usually more apt – and that it doesn’t actually apply to one of the goals of this blog.  Which is:

To document the coming together of the Cutest Freaking Apartment Ever in the most Frugal way possible.

Hence the new and improved C.F.A.E.  Cutest Frugal Apartment Ever.

We had begun the wildly intimidating yet oddly thrilling and exciting hunt for a dingy yet still over-priced even though heat and hot water are included and it is nowhere near a grocery store two bedroom apartment in wicked cool Beantown and (pretending to) live like kings while spending like the less-than-royalty girls we are.

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