The Hunt Is On.

That’s how it felt the minute Clarice said, “I’m ready to start looking for two bedrooms.”  Even though it was months until our leases would be up (on August 31st), it was as though someone had lit a fire under our respective tookuses (yep. tookuses.) or shot a gun.  Combing Craigslist couldn’t be done quickly enough.  The suspense was killing us.  We called three realtors within the first two hours of deciding to go for it.  And…

*bwop bwop*

Didn’t hear back from the first one.  (And when we finally took some initiative and called the real estate agency directly instead of the agent, we were told that the apartment was no longer available.)

Heard back that the second (in the beloved Beacon Hill area) had just been rented.

Received a call back from Mildred.  Oh Millie.  A $1400 two bedroom with heat and hot water included in Washington Square was just what we were looking for.  Now.  What’s that phrase?  If it sounds too good to be true…*say it with me now*… it probably is.

Millie (that’s the nickname I gave her – she doesn’t know this) took us to the awesome location known as University Rd. in Washington Square, and we were loving the street.  We were loving that it was 2 minutes from the T (the subway in Boston).  We were loving that it was 4 minutes to a supermarket.  We were loving that it was close to Coolidge Corner (which is the real deal – a Trader Joe’s, neighborhood eats, a T stop – the list goes on and on).  We were really optimistic.

And then we rang every bell to get into the building and finally were told that we needed to enter the back door because it was a basement apartment.  And then we learned that the walkway to the backdoor had no lights.  And then we realized that the windows were right at kicking level.  Needless to say, we were turned off before we even walked inside.

Thank you Mildred, but we decided to pass.  After all.  We had 5+ months to figure it out.  What was the rush?
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