Cape Cod Thrifting.

The move in date is looming.  I still need so many things for my new apartment.  I would rather not spend more money than necessary.  Enter thrifting.


My fabulous mother accompanied me on a 6 hour trek all over within reasonable driving distance on Cape Cod.  There wasn’t anything I left the house thinking, “I have to get a ______.”  Right now the “have to get” list consists of minor purchases like a couch, a television, and a table.  A metal ladle had been on there, but it turned out that Mamasita already had me in mind and had picked one up the other day.  The goal was simply to not spend a lot and only buy things I loved,

The first stop was less than a mile and a half away – at the thrift store at the end of my parents’ street.  And a success.

That’s my mom.  She’s great at thrifting (on top of the metal ladle she also picked up a glass loaf pan, an awesome deep mixing bowl, and a vacuum cleaner).  She walked right into that little shed behind her – with the red wagon out front – and found a two dollar “under-the-cabinet” wine rack.  Sold.  (Our new apartment is “cozy”, so we are trying to maximize space at every turn.)

From there we headed to at least 8 more thrift stores and while there were several “in-and-outs” (in under 2 minutes), I also found a couple pieces I’m really excited about – like this lamp.  Clarice and I agreed on neutrals with blue accents and dark wood for the living room, and I just fell in love with the color of this one.  The best part?  It works.  (Or so they say.)


It will definitely need a new shade, but I already have a place in mind for it.

Other treasures all had to do with the kitchen.  Like I said, I like to bake.  And eat.  And I like to cook, but what I’d really like is to be a better cook.  I’m a work in progress.

Guess what I picked up here?  Here’s a hint:  It’s blue and on the table in the first picture.  It’s still blue but not on the table in the second picture.

As the day progressed, our fascination with anything we didn’t immediately love dwindled.  A couple things I did love but didn’t buy:

I love pitchers.  As you will learn.  I passed on this one because it was too mustard-y (and $7), but picked up a happy yellow one for my mom in our travels.  And it didn’t hurt that the one I did keep was a dollar less!

This brought to mind Katie Bower’s awesome chandelier project.  If I ever think of something I can use one of these for, I’m doing it.  And for fifteen dollars, I’d say the price is right.  It’s all about potential.

But enough coulda-shoulda-woulda.  The loot:

  • Lamp: $2
  • Pitcher: $16 (Splurge for sure, but I love it.  And, as I’ve mentioned, I go weak in the knees for a cute pitcher.
  • Waffle maker: $4.50 (I figure this will be a money saver in the long run – brunching in!)
  • Clear white jar: $1
  • Blue jar: $0.75 (P.S.  The blue jar is what went missing from that table up above in case you still hadn’t figured it out.)
  • Under-the-cabinet wine rack: $2
  • Total: $24.25

I didn’t include my mom’s yellow vase, because that isn’t for the apartment, but I’m very happy with my finds – especially the waffle maker and the pitcher.  The jars will be making their way to the kitchen countertops and you will soon see my strong affinity for blue in the kitchen coming through.

Any other small success stories with thrifting out there?  It’s more difficult to keep my eye on the prize than I’d anticipated – I’m just trying not to end up with things we don’t need.  Like I said, our place is “cozy,” so maximizing space is key.

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