Welcome Home.

Yes sirs and ma’ams.  After history’s shortest and easiest apartment hunt, we found “the one.”  We had seen our “no way” apartments on Friday and found our “yes please” apartment on a Monday in March.  At 6:00pm, to be exact.

Do you recall how I was waxing nostalgic about Coolidge Corner in the last apartment hunting post?  Well.  We’ve one-upped being close to Coolidge Corner.  We will be in Coolidge Corner!  The price was just right – admittedly, it was the highest we were willing to pay, but it is amazing.  It is the third floor of a three floor home (the first two are occupied by the landlord and his family), with heat and hot water included, 6 minutes from the T, 6 minutes from Trader Joe’s, 8 minutes from a T.J. Maxx, within walking distance to all those neighborhood eats and treats I mentioned, and it is in a safe place.

Really, it has so much charm and character with its dormer windows, private entrance, and excellent sun exposure – not to mention a pristine bathroom – how were we to say no?  We spent a lot of time discussing what would fit where and whether the living room was big enough, but I think we both felt pretty surely that this might just be the one.

The final determining factor came while we were standing on the sidewalk after a whirlwind tour with the realtor deliberating.  We said, “I mean…” and “Well it’s pretty nice…” and all those other “probably yes, but do we actually want to commit 5 months out?” phrases when the landlord came home.  And walked right up to us.  And gave us each a firm handshake.  And said that there was already an AC unit in the apartment which we were welcome to.  And that we can paint whatever we want.  And that he would even help pay for supplies.

Hello, Mr. Landlord.  You just sealed the deal.  We’re looking to make this space exactly what we want and you’re more than happy to accommodate.  So we shook his hand (again) and said we’d take it.

Without further ado… the bare bones Craigslist pictures (look past the mess and toward the potential):

The living room will continue doing double duty as the dining room when we move in.

This room will be Clarice’s.  It was really strange, actually.  As soon as we walked in we started talking about “our” rooms and there wasn’t even a moment’s thought about who would go where.  Her room is a little smaller than mine (shown below), but she has a closet.

Technically I have a closet, too, but at 11 inches deep it doesn’t count as much.  I’ll be hunting for wardrobes.

When you get to the top of the stairs, you walk right into the kitchen.  We’re hoping to get the linoleum replaced.  More on that later.

And the perfectly clean and updated white bath.  I have plans to spruce up the space a little bit more, and it involves those shower doors…

What was your easiest apartment search?  This just sort of fell into our laps, and we’re so glad it did!

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