Couch Surfing.

It didn’t take long to discover that Clarice and I – with our powers combined – had very few items to contribute to our new apartment.  Bedroom furniture, a few pans and silverware pretty much summed it up.  Admittedly, I loved the idea of “starting fresh” and being able to completely revamp the space to our tastes and needs.  I was so excited to scour every (discount) furniture place in the vicinity of Boston and end up with some fabulous couches that rivaled my current roommate’s.  (For the record: her couches will go down in history as the BEST. COUCHES. EVER.  Not only was the price right for the set, but the color was great and don’t even get me started on the comfort level… I’ll be asleep in minutes.)

That broad horizon quickly shrank to more of a narrow tunnel.  Further narrowed by the narrowness of our stairway.  Enter: couches in boxes.

IKEA is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind no matter what type of apartment furniture being considered.  I did a bit of soul seat searching on their website and was immediately drawn to the ever simple EKTORP sofa:

Paired with an EKTORP armchair:

Perfection.  But then I realized that the couch was too big for the room.  No matter how I tried to lay it out, we didn’t maximize room space.  And the couch and chair combined would have come to $650.  Plus tax.  I would be happy with $650 for a sofa and loveseat combo, but I’m not looking to spend that on 4 seats.

Back to the drawing board.  (Code for internet.)  A couple other options I considered came from Bob’s Discount Furniture:



And Jordan’s Furniture:

But none of those came in boxes, so they were out immediately.  And if you think you’re sensing a trend, you are correct.  I’m clearly looking at lighter colored sofas.  The reason for this being that because the living room is also the dining room, and Clarice and I decided lights with dark woods and blue accents, I figured this would be an easy base color to work with.  And who isn’t a sucker for a pretty white or beige couch?

At long last it occurred to me to look on – say it with me now –  And up came this little lady:

Microfiber Sectional Sofa, Beige

No.  It isn’t ideal that it is from WalMart, but the price tag ($399), the color, the shape and extra seating are.  And with ship-to-store in New Hampshire, there will be no shipping charge and no tax.  A firm $399 for a couch that I will most likely be able to turn around and sell on Craigslist for at least half the price in a year.

Has anyone else had severely limited furniture choices based on “cozy” staircases?  Any success stories regarding furniture purchases from Walmart?  Please – just no horror stories!

Bob’s and Jordan’s furniture images found here, here and here.

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