And the Tables Turn…A Profit.

I know I keep saying that the new apartment is cozy, but I don’t know that you’ll fully understand just how cozy I mean until I show you pictures.  For example, the living room is also the desk/computer space and the dining room.  In high school we had a “cafegymtorium” (cafeteria, gym, and auditorium in one).  Maybe I’ll call our space the liveworkeat room.  Actually.  Maybe not.

The Living/Dining Room

As we are limited in our space for the aforementioned “multipurpose room,” we plan to do what the prior tenants did and include the table to be a section of the comp-live-eat living room.  Unlike the prior tenants, though, I wasn’t really seeing a round table in our future.

Clarice and I spent a fair amount of time back on Old Faithful Craigslist to no avail.  Tables were either too pricey, too far away, or simply too big.  To maximize the space, we decided we would need a 30″x48″ table.  We were even looking into lone tables that we could pull Clarice’s best-church-yard-sale-ever find up to and account for extra easy-to-hide seating.  Still nothing.

One day at work, I was bemoaning the challenges of furnishing an apartment with limited space and one of my coworkers said, “You need a table?  I have  a table.   It’s yours.”  Turns out that he and his wife are expecting their first little one and the spare room – formerly used for storage – will in fact be pink-ified and nurse-ified in preparation for the new addition.  I offered to pay him and he said, “Seriously.  If you will just come pick it up, it’s yours for free.”  You really have to twist my arm to get anything discounted, let alone free…   The dimensions? 30″x48″.  Say no more.

There she is.  A butcher block top and four perfect Windsor style chairs.


And here is where I have to be honest.  I don’t love the look of this table.  Windsor chairs just aren’t my thing.  And we want dark wood.  Not only is this the light wood not to our liking, but the thought of staining all of those spindles gives me hives.  In short, it was free and I don’t want hives, so decided we could just deal with it.

Lies.  We couldn’t deal with it – and thank goodness – because we came across this stunner (complete with weird camera effects) on Craigslist the week after:

You may recognize it as the JOKKMOKK table from IKEA, but this puppy had a price tag of $50 – less than half of the price listed at IKEA.  We just couldn’t say no.

And now to let you in on how the tables turn a profit:  Those pictures of the free butcher block table and Windsor chairs are from my Craigslist post.  I listed them at $100 and had a taker within two hours.  Even accounting for the purchase of Jokk there, we made a pretty penny.

Did you notice our new table isn’t dark, either?  So did we, and we have already started a project that will make it more to our liking.

Any awesome Craigslist buys or sells?  Clarice also posted a storage bench (from the same church yard sale where she got the potential table bench) and made another $50.   She says she’s going to be a professional thrifter.  I’ll back her if she can keep this up.

(And if any of you can think of something that actually rolls off the tongue and encompasses all of the functions of our diningworkden multipurpose room, I’m all ears.)

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