Packing in the Moonlight.

Does this post title bring Dancing in the Moonlight to mind for anyone else?  Do you even know the song?  If you don’t, please see below.  If you do, please see below.

I have loved this song since senior year of high school when I went on a three-week exchange to Germany.  My host sister Anna made me one of the best mix CDs ever that included it, and to this day Dancing in the Moonlight is a song that always makes me happy.  The opening line alone is amazing.

But my love for King Harvest aside, one of the things I learned I definitely do not like doing in the moonlight is packing.  As I’ve mentioned, the big move is coming up – and fast – and I, the eternal procrastinator, waited until the last few days to pack up.  I had plans to start the overhaul of my room and all other belongings on Sunday night and dedicate hours of pure concentration to organization and storage.  Until I got home.

I don’t know when it went out, but when I got home at 7:00 on Sunday night in anticipation of productive packing, the power was out *ahem IRENE ahem*.  And because it’s now the end of summer the days aren’t so long and the nights aren’t so bright and apparently neither am I.  I didn’t have a flashlight.  But I did have candles.

Here’s what I was working with:

Which actually looked like this (sans flash):

But to keep it romantic (and a little more realistic than my bipolar camera), it actually looked most like this…except less blurry:


I wouldn’t call it ideal packing conditions, but I got loads done (or so I thought).  And the power was still out when I went to bed four hours later but thankfully on by 4:15am.  Have no fear – my milk didn’t spoil and my Skinny Cow ice cream bar is in good health (until tomorrow… when I eat it).

But here I sit two days later and am working now with this mess and only one short evening to get everything completely packed (keep in mind that this is only my bedroom – there is still the kitchen and living room to sort through, too):

All of this clutter is really bringing me down.  I hate to think I’ve worked so hard for at least 14 hours packing and still have so far to go.  Please don’t judge the air mattress.  And please excuse me while I take advantage of that beautiful utility knows as electricity and go cheer up with King Harvest.

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