“Tough as Nails” My Foot.

I totally struggled with whether to name this post “‘Tough as Nails’ My Foot” or “A Good Toe-men.”  I just can’t get away from bad puns, although I see I’m not alone in that when I read most any other blog.  But then I considered the fact that I wouldn’t ever want to read a blog post that had “toe” in the title unless it was about ballet shoes.  And I’m actually not into ballet, so I probably wouldn’t want to read that blog post either.

Here’s where I tell you some good news – especially if after that first bit up there you’re interested in navigating away from this post: There are no pictures in this post.  Because it’s about nails.  Toenails, to be precise.

I should really be telling you about the move (after all, it is after September 1st), but it was such a week of disaster, stress and exhaustion that it made packing in the moonlight seem like the most amazing thing to happen in the last seven days.  So there will be more to come on that shortly.  I just need a couple of days to step back from the mess and take a few deep breaths before sharing those stories.

For now, I’ll tell you one of the minor failures of this week.  I broke two toenails.  Badly.  The first one I broke when I stubbed my toe on a screen door and it split about a third of the way down my nail bed (hence no pictures – you’re welcome).  The second one broke when I was walking out of the restaurant where Clarice and I had our first roommate dinner.  I was walking behind her and stubbed my toe on the bottom of her sandal and a piece of my toe broke and ripped off.  (Again – you’re welcome for no pictures.)

How is this a good omen?  Well, the last time I stubbed my toe on the bottom of someone’s foot and broke my nail was on my first date with Kevin over a year ago and we’re still going strong.  So instead of cursing and harumphing about this minor calamity among all of the other calamities (and it really does pale in comparison), I decided that my broken toenail (part II) was, in fact, a sign of all of the wonderful things to come in our new place.  Here’s to the next year!

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