Um. Ew.

I mentioned that we had a bit of a less than pleasant moving experience.  Allow me to share with you the things that went wrong on Day 1 alone.

1.  We were told we couldn’t get into our apartment until the afternoon of September 1st because the apartment would need to be cleaned and the locks needed to be changed.

2.  We called the locksmith (who happens to be our downstairs neighbor) and were told that he hadn’t changed the locks yet.  He said he would come first thing on Friday morning.  For the time being, he would leave the apartment unlocked so we could move in. (I’ll tell you right now he didn’t change the front door locks until noon on Friday and then decided that Saturday night at 8:00 in the evening would be the best time to change the locks to our bedrooms…)

3.  The apartment hadn’t been cleaned.  In probably over a year.

  • There was a half head of cabbage, chocolate, an open can of caviar and spilled Kool-Aid (who drinks that stuff anymore?) in the drawers.  (Thank God my sweet mother helped out in the kitchen department and took care of the fridge cleaning and cabinet cleaning – thank you Mamasita.  I can’t say it enough.)
  • The floors were filthy.  (We had to wash our feet before going to bed.)
  • The stove and microwave hadn’t been cleaned.
  • The tub was clogged.
  • The toilet seat was broken.
  • The smoke detector was missing.
  • There was a special present left by a now hated cat in one of the closets.
  • The storage closet was chockfull of junk that wasn’t ours.


I would show you more pictures, but we were fuming so much that we didn’t even want to take any.  Let’s just say that the level of filth was on par with the amount of junk in the storage closet.

All of these problems, we believe, stemmed from the fact that our landlord was out of town from the 24th of August until the 2nd of September.  So we spent all day Thursday bringing our things into the apartment and because we couldn’t really put anything anywhere but had spent all afternoon just getting stuff inside, at the end of the day it looked like this:

All you see is potential, right?  Wrong.  By the end of Friday, it looked like we’d made no progress at all (because we hadn’t – the cleaning service was coming on Saturday which was also when the storage closet was being emptied at long last).
It went from bad to worse when we had to empty out the living room for cleaning and fill our rooms to the brim with stuff.

And in an instance like this – where nothing is going right and you can’t use your stove – you improvise.  Meaning, you head over to Coolidge Corner Clubhouse to celebrate the grand adventure that will be the next year and have a drink.  Cheers!




























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