Privacy Please.

In the midst of all of the moving madness, there have been minor victories.  This one entails the bathroom.

Because Clarice and I work together and we work – more or less – the same hours, one of our concerns was bathroom time and prepping procedures.  Considering we only have one bathroom to share, we decided that we would have to make the most of it.  When we moved in, the bathroom looked something like this (not exactly like this because we just couldn’t bring ourselves to take pictures of the grossness that it was, but the towel is Clarice’s):

At the time this picture was taken, the toilet seat was fixed and the drain cleared.  The lightbulbs were changed and Clarice even had clean bath mats to provide from her old apartment.  You can’t see any of this, but it was a major improvement.  At least to us.

The one negative, though, is that sliding shower door.  People who shower in glass houses shouldn’t shower with the bathroom door open.  Not to say that we will shower with the door open, but like I mentioned earlier, we will be getting ready at the same time and don’t want the fact that you can see through the glass to keep one of us from using the sink while the other is washing up.  We decided before we even moved in that we would fix this situation.  Enter:

That beautiful waffle weave in the background is actually the shower curtain from my old apartment (and bless Mama O’ yet again for taking the time to soak that puppy and restore it to its former glory).  The other parts we picked up on a run to WalMart.  A tension rod that extends up to 72 inches (we measured before we went to make sure we got the right size) and standard white shower curtain rings.  Don’t get me wrong – the white’s not my favorite; those fancy silver ones actually make my heart go pitter-patter (weird, I know), but considering the price and that this isn’t a forever home, we went with simple and inexpensive.

I took on this project after Clarice went to bed (crazy to embark on such a mission alone, right?  No?  Oh.) and in about ten minutes we were in business.  It should have taken fewer than ten minutes but things got a little tense with that rod.  Apparently I’m not very good with them.  But struggles aside, we now have this:

Yes.  It needs to be ironed.  No.  It will never be ironed.  I mean, people steam wrinkles out of clothes in the bathroom, so I figure that will suffice.  And I hate ironing.  Even more than tension rods.

And to step back and take all its beauty in (bath mats, shower curtain and new toilet seat)…

If you’re wondering about the towel that had been hanging on the shower door, don’t worry – it has a new home.  I put in two hooks that I had from my old apartment and screwed them into the back of the bathroom door for a more traditional and more accessible living space for towels.  As for that incredibly unattractive eyesore that is lurking behind our beautifully hung shower curtain (the rusty tension rod which supports a gross shower curtain liner, in case you don’t see it), I have plans for that.  Right now it’s just keeping us from becoming too friendly with the neighbors (there is a window in the shower), if you know what I mean.

For the price breakdown (the best part aside from improved bathroom functionality):

  • Waffle weave shower curtain (already owned): $0
  • Shower curtain rings: $1.27
  • Tension rod: $6.96
Project total: $8.23.  Not bad for a quick fix that increases usability of our WC.
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