Behind the Mess.

I realized that even though I’ve been showing you all of these pictures of the apartment – the Craigslist pictures here and the gross storage closet pictures and current mayhem we are living in here – I never actually shared any of the blank canvas with which we will be working.  Without further ado, I give to you our apartment in the nude:

This is the living room.  Clarice was great and took these pictures before I got there around 4:00 on September 1st.  (Considering we weren’t able to get into the apartment until the afternoon, I wasn’t in the biggest rush.)  The first thing to go was that awful poster.

The view from the other side of the room.  That door on the right is the door that the picture above was taken from.  It leads into the kitchen (there are no hallways in this place).  That closet is surprisingly wide and a decent depth, so we are thinking we might let visitors’ sheets, etc. and winter coats live in there.

The living room gets afternoon light, which is actually great for us.  We may not be a pair of total lazy bones, but we also aren’t the ones to jump up and greet the world at 7am on a Sunday.  (FYI – the broken chair and solitary lamp in the pictures above have gone to the trash man in the sky Brookline.)  It’s definitely a cozy space, but we plan to make it work to its fullest.

My room shares the wall on the left in the 3rd picture.  As such, it’s pretty much the same shape, except that I don’t have that extra little nook to the left of the doorway.  My room gets light in the morning (hallelujah!), so I apologize for these pictures being a little dark.

Do you see that little Bruins sticker in the window?  That’s not mine – it “came with the place” – but it happens to be one of my boyfriend’s top two teams (the other being the Patriots, of course – I’ll share some football snacks once the kitchen is in order), so I decided that was also a good omen.  Possibly better than my “toemen” I talked about earlier.

That wall on the right is the one that is shared with the living room.  I have hulking plans for it.

 And that little door on the right is my closet.  (This picture was taken from the window nook with the Bruins sticker on it, in case you’re having trouble orienting yourself).

I somehow managed to not get any pictures of Clarice’s room in its empty state (actually, that’s a lie, but there are some gymnastics and modeling going on with the subjects and I didn’t want to post without permission), so we’ll move on to the kitchen.

I’ll take more pictures of this to show you exactly what our sink/stove set up is looking like, but for now I’ll tell you that the table on the left will be meeting its end shortly (and that white container was full of kitty litter…ew), the opening to the stairs to the left of the bathroom is our entrance (we are on the third floor, so there are two doors on landings to unlock before you can saunter into our actual abode), the door on the left is to the storage closet, and the door frame you can see on the right is to the living room.  My door shares that door frame on the left side.  This picture was taken from Clarice’s doorway.

Wow.  I think I’m confusing myself.  Maybe I’ll work on a little sketch of the apartment to show you what we are actually working with (although that might be just as, if not more, confusing as this little tour has been).  All I can say about my art skills is this: I once had a 5 year old making fun of my stick figure drawings.  I was 20 at the time.  Ouch.

So do you see the potential in our barren landscape?  This must be what it is like to buy a house.  You have to look past the mess and see the bare bones of the place.  We’ll make this home soon enough!

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