Saturday’s Successes.

I could go through and list my “top ten” from the weekend, but I realize that my “tops” aren’t usually anything but my own personal thrills that few others would enjoy.  So.  I’ll narrow this down to Saturday.  The real highlight of which was brunch at Zaftig’s with a few of my  coworkers.

That’s Lyndsay on the left, you all know Clarice (in the middle) and a new engaged Annie on the right!  I was sitting with Molly on the other side enjoying this:

Banana Stuffed French Toast.  Yum Yum.   Sorry for the slight blurriness – this picture does the dish (and its colors) the most justice.  I would have included a picture of Molly and me, but between breakfast and the mimosas… I wasn’t looking my best.  (More reclined-lazy-eyes-tummy-rubbing self.)

By the time we were seated at brunch, I’d already been up for 4 hours.  All to make sure I wasn’t late for the event of the year – the St. Paul Episcopal Church Yard Sale.  Clarice and I stumbled across the gem last year, and I vowed to return this year.  I had a list of things we could use written out (which I obviously forgot at home), but I was out the door and rolling up to the yard sale at 8:56.  I wasn’t going to miss a thing.

And neither was anyone else, apparently.  At least not for another hour and four minutes.  In my defense, it was advertised as starting at nine.  With brunch scheduled for 11:00, I hurried home to shower and change and return to the yard sale to fit in my treasure hunting before the girls showed up.  I was back at 9:54 and it was swamped.

I was a woman on a mission, though.  In and out in 30 minutes having spent only $30.75 on pure necessities.  What did I get, you ask?  Here’s a little sneak preview:

Just a little something to whet your palate (what a weird way to spell whet, right?).  I’ll be back with how these beauties were put to use!  And no, that fabulous plaid couch was not among my purchases.  Boo.

Are any of you professional yard sale junkies?  I’m not usually into them – but considering how great this one proved to be last year, I just couldn’t say no.  And yes.  I’ll be there again next year – the Saturday after Labor Day.  Write it down.  You’re welcome.

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