(Half of) Fiddy Cent

Believe it or not, our little abode came with two – count ’em two – dishwashers.


That’s right.  Clarice and I.  I guess if you count each hand you could argue that we have four dishwashers.  For anyone who has seen a picture of our kitchen, you’ve probably noticed that the lack of a dishwasher really fits with the rest of the apartment.  And by “fits” I mean “fits in.”  And by “fits in” I mean “shares the same small ratios as the rest of our humble abode.”  We have a half sized fridge and a baby stove – there really wasn’t any option for a dishwasher, which we are actually totally okay with.

As I’ve mentioned, we have been trying to reuse as much of what we already owned as possible when moving into this place.  That short list of “what we already own” included Clarice’s drying rack.

What’s that you ask?  Why is our drying rack almost sitting in the sink?  Because they’re best friends.  Fine.  Not true.  It’s because the counter space also happens to share the above-mentioned small ratios, as well.  Allow me to introduce you to our entire built-in counter space.

Fine.  I’m exaggerating.  That isn’t all of our counter space.

This is:

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  That is the entire (I’m guessing) two square feet of built-in counter space in our kitchen.  The whole kit and caboodle (which I always thought was kitten caboodle until I read it, so maybe this will also be an enlightening moment for a few of you folks out there).  We do have a little table shoved up next to the fridge that I can’t wait to get rid of, but we can’t dispose until we figure out a replacement.  That’s a post for another day.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I went to a yard sale on Saturday and had fabulous success.  (Oddly enough it was all kitchen related, too.)  I perused outside first, found a beauty that I’m just itching to introduce to you, and then decided to stroll through the inside sections.  I forgot my list of what I needed, but spied a little white plastic drying rack tucked away behind a woman working at the sale.  When she pulled out the perfectly-perfect-for-our-lack-of-kitchen-counter-space drying rack, I had a momentary stomach sinker: I only had two dollars in cash (the story of my life).  But then she said, “It’s yours for a quarter.”

A quarter?  Why – that’s only one eighth of my cash!  I happily handed over a crisp worn Mr. Washington and tucked my white plastic friend under my arm.  On the way out, I also grabbed two baskets for the top of the fridge for chips and fruit (again – limited counter space).  My mom is probably nodding knowingly here.  When we went thrifting she asked if I needed any baskets and I was 110% against them.  Once again, Mother knows best.

But enough rambling about my mom’s constant correctness!  Here she is (the drying rack – not my mom):

So well proportioned!  And the best part is that it is small enough to tuck under the sink when guests come over (which won’t be for a while because the apartment is still a work in progress – big time).  I even kind of love that because our dishes are blue, it pulls in the dish towels and a few other blue pieces we have around the room.  By the way – my mom found that mini kettle for me at a thrift shop.  She’s on the “small-scale” ship with me.  Thanks, Mom!

 I don’t know that I’d say it’s the best quarter I’ve ever spent (I do love Cowtails), but it’s the best quarter I’ve spent in a while!  What about you?  Any particular treasures that you found for a quarter?  Or a happy circumstance where – for once – your lack of cash wasn’t a problem?

P.S.  Anyone notice a little pitcher on the counter?  What did I tell you?  I love ’em.

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