Kitchen (En)counters

I’ve gone on and on about our little kitchen and in yesterday’s post I mentioned our lack of counter space and an ugly little table we have shoved up next to the refrigerator that simply isn’t cutting it as a “filler.”  Just in case you don’t know what I’m table I’m talking about, here is it:

Those big metal legs are not what I would call nice stems by any means, but I do love that table top (even with its weird marked up stains – it isn’t coated in anything) – the planks look nice and I like the knots you can see in the wood.  In an effort to save the top, I came up with a grand plan involving plywood and shelves and bead board and creating shelves and sides to utilize the space under the table top as well.  The goal: complete transformation.  The table is only 30 inches high, which isn’t the right height for a counter anyway, but the top is 4 feet long and 2 feet deep – it actually fills the space beside the fridge perfectly.  Another reason to salvage it.  Not to mention it is nice to have something to balance out the hanging-over-a-great-abyss cabinets above it.

This is what we have been living with (please bear in mind that it’s only day 12 of the new apartment and that transformations take time).  I tried to pretty up the counter space a little with the blue jars I picked up with my mom when we went thrifting, and by lining things up in a “strategic” fashion.  But let’s be honest.  That baking pan full of silverware and those awful table legs can’t be ignored.  I continued to hatch my plan for complete transformation and building my own kitchen cabinet/counter.

I didn’t get far.  Remember how I’ve been going on and on about a “great find” at the church yard sale I went to this past weekend?  Well, my big buy – ringing in at $30 – was this bad boy.

Is that perfect or what?  It was the only piece that I had spied upon my (hour-too-early) arrival, and I was thrilled to find it waiting there for me when I came back.  Even though people were running – literally – into the yard sale to put their hands on pieces to claim them, this pretty puppy was left for my taking.  The best part?  It was delivered!  Free of charge!  Clarice and I had tried to fit it into her car, but it was a tad too big, so I told the gentleman who was running the sale that I would be back on Sunday with Kevin and his truck to transport it then.  But come 1:00, our doorbell rang and there she was!  (By the way, “she” has some gender issues seeing as I called her (?) a bad boy earlier…)  It turns out that the yard sale coordinator stuck in on the truck to be delivered – and save me 20 dollars!  (I plan to head over that way again and make a donation to account for it, don’t fret.)

I immediately went to arranging and putting our “strategically placed” items on top of it and it wasn’t long before I realized that the top simply wasn’t big enough.  We had been filling up the ugly-table top easily, and that was 4 feet by 2 feet.  This cabinet is 38 inches wide and 19 inches deep.  I’m pretty sure that means you lose…50 square inches of counter space.  Which actually means nothing to me since I don’t understand square footage – or inch-age.  All I know is that it was smaller, and it wasn’t going to fly.  But like I said, I did love the top of the other table…and it was bigger… following?

So long, stems.  This part was so wonderfully easy – the legs were screwed in with “young” screws (if I can say that – you know, instead of “old”), so they were a cinch to get out of the table top.  The plan: Screw it into the cabinet top for earlier planned complete transformation (of sorts).

Then I realized I didn’t know how crazy I was about that plan because I had become more attached to the cabinet than the table top and I didn’t want to put screw holes in it in case I want to use it down the road sans extra top.  So Kevin – genius that he is – suggested merely placing it on top of the cabinet.

Did I say genius?  Well let me say it again.  GENIUS.

And for those of you out there concerned about whether it might topple over or tip at some point – fear not.  I have added the “piece de resistance” (to tippage) in addition to the old line up.

You know it.  Old Blue.  My KitchenAid mixer.  I can’t wait to tell you my story on that important part of my life (the acquisition of the KitchenAid, that is).  I love everything about this now.  The height, the countertop, the size, the extra space inside, the fact that it makes the entire kitchen feel so much more cohesive.  I even love that the trashcan fits snugly under the overhang.  Now we finally have extra square footage to do our prepping and cutting on (seeing as the other kitchen counter space just wasn’t any help).

Last but not least, I’ll share with you my final nickname for this bad boy/pretty puppy/she: The Carb Cabinet.

Hello, Mac and Cheese.  I’ve missed you.

What about you?  Have you ever had something like this come up to save you from yourself a major project you were planning to undertake with little-to-no expertise in the area?  Any other carb hoarders out there?  You can show yourselves.  This is like the therapist – a “no judgment” zone.

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