Who Needs a Cookie Jar?

Anyone who knows me is probably reading the title of this post and thinking, “You, Catie.  You need a cookie jar.”  What can I say?  I love sweets.  Kevin says he thinks I am addicted to chocolate.  My response: “You might be right.”

I headed to Tar-jay yesterday evening in search of a bathroom extra – more on that later – and was a little sidetracked by a sale on… you guessed it.  Sweets.  I left with a bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms (yum) and Mini Snickers (yum yum).  Fine.  I also left with a half eaten bag of Twizzler Nibs (these were an impulse buy and aren’t worthy of a yum, let alone three yums, even though I do love a good pattern).

The PB M&Ms didn’t make it to the car unopened.  Fine.  I stopped about three feet from the register after checking out and searched through my numerous bags until I found the PB M&Ms and I ate a few right there in the store.  And on the way to the car.  And in the car on the way home.  And when I got home.  Don’t judge me.  Especially if you’ve never had any.

So when I got home I had a partially consumed bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms.

I decided I had to put them away immediately or else it would make for a stomach ache in roughly 30 minutes.  So I grabbed a Ziploc quart size freezer bag.  Then I realized I didn’t want to waste my freezer bags, so I grabbed a sandwich bag.  Then I realized that there were too many M&Ms to fit in the sandwich bag.  Then I turned around…

And there were the beautiful jars I found thrifting with Mom and that I love the look of on our updated kitchen counter.  The two clear jars are already filled with salt and sugar, and I couldn’t decide what to put in the blue jars.  I knew that if it was something that was going to sit on the counter all the time, I’d want it to be something that was used all the time.  Until last night I couldn’t think of anything to fill them with.  Keywords: Until last night.

This blue jar works perfectly for the M&Ms because it still has the airtight seal.  And it now holds something that I’ll use every day.  Several times a day.  For about three days.  Because then they’ll be gone.

As a matter of fact, I loved the look so much that I grabbed the Mini Snickers and the second blue jar (that isn’t airtight but doesn’t need to be since the Snickers are wrapped) and pulled the same move.

That straggler Mini didn’t fit in the jar.  (I didn’t want to force it.)  So I ate it.

And now all of my jars on the kitchen counter are useful rather just decorative.  But they still look great.  I suppose they’re both.

For the next three days, at least.

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