Not a Total Betty, But a Vast Improvement

The major horrors that accompanied our move in day included our awful storage closet situation.  I talked about it here, but let me refresh your memory:

Our apartment does not come with a lot of extra space, so we have been making the most of every nook and cranny.  The storage closet is a saving grace of the place and the state it was in when we arrived kept us from being able to use it for at least three days.  (Yes, we were sticks in the mud about emptying it out.  There was junk in there that was who knows how old and weird pillows – see zebra stripes above – and a number of other “treasures.”  It took three days for the cleaning service to come in, so the first few days were a little less than productive.)

As soon as it was emptied – the landlord left a few spare plates and planting pots (which I really hope to use in the future) – we ran out to WalMart to pick up a storage rack.  Which turned out to be the flimsiest storage rack ever.  It also came with about 40 screws, so we returned it and came back with this:

It’s the Sterilite 4-Shelf Shelving unit.  And one of the best buys in this apartment to date.  Only 15 dollars more than the flimsy metal one we took home first and it came with no – count ’em zero – screws.  It came out of the box with 8 tubes and four shelves.  Click click (times a few times) and in about 2 minutes it was put together and moved into the storage closet.

We’re now working with this:

Our beautiful storage shelf in use.  You can’t really see it here, but the ceilings, which aren’t insulated, have nails that come through which means that we can’t stand up straight, and if we go in there we need to keep our heads down.  It’s great as a pseudo pantry/extra plate and glassware/bath tissue and paper towel holder.  Really I have no complaints about it at all.  My only concern is that our nail filled storage closet isn’t insulated which means those few cans of tomatoes and beans, etc. and – more importantly – our beer and soda have the potential to freeze come wintertime.  Which, in Beantown, might be as soon as October.  If it does become a problem, we’ll probably start using our new kitchen cabinet for food and move the bakeware and mixing bowls to the closet.

These shelves are to the right and right now are shelving – ha – a Magic Bullet (which I can’t say I recommend to anyone – I don’t think I know how to use it), a George Foreman, baking/serving dishes that are too big for our kitchen and all of our vases.  Tools hang out on the floor and the metal cart is Clarice’s, which she plans to use for getting to the laundromat.  The carpet is gross and the space is filling up fast, but we’re in love with it.

I’ll also share with you the best find among the junk – a full length mirror.

Can you believe that I didn’t find this until Clarice paid two whole dollars on a full length mirror that didn’t come with this sticker?

I know.  I should have kept it.



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