I’ll Never Go Barefoot Again.

Fear not dear reader(s).  I don’t mean I’ll never go shoeless again.  In an attempt to do something different with my room at the new apartment, I decided I wanted to experiment with color.  All of this, of course, revolved around my bedspread which I’ve had for two years now and still love every time I see it.

Ironically, it’s the same pattern that Sherry and John have for their pillow shams in their guest room over on Young House Love.  And I didn’t even start reading blogs until after I bought it.

My room at my old apartment was a sort of celery color – crisp, bright, and changing.  Like a celery stalk.  The bottom is a bit whiter and the top a bit greener, but always a cheery and refreshing color.  It looked amazing with my bedding and it worked wonders in cheering up my room – which got minimal natural light compared to the rest of the apartment.

Despite the fact that I loved that color, I decided that I wanted to do something different this year.  Something I’d never done before.  My current room gets amazing light in the morning (almost too amazing if you have to get up to use the bathroom at 6:30 on a Saturday – it’s like staring at the sun), so I wanted to pick a color that would work well with that and keep the room feeling nice and warm.  First thought – yellow.  No thanks – my bedroom growing up was yellow and I’m looking for something new.  Next thought – orange(y).  No thanks – that is potentially a disaster waiting to happen.  Third thought – a type of beige that is warm and clean.  Um.  Probably wouldn’t ever find that.  Final thought – pink.  A very light pink.  A white pink, if you will.  I’ve never had a pink room before and I thought it would look nice with my white furniture and the bedding.

How many of you know better and are shaking your heads right now?

I went out and bit the bullet.  Picked up an entire gallon of Pratt and Lambert’s “Barefoot.”  (I’ve tried to find a link to it online to no avail.  Sorry, folks.  Or – perhaps – you’re welcome?)  I ran home and started working on some edges.

So that’s the first coat.  Not too pink, right?  Bear in mind that the trim is white and the walls (under the pink) are more in the “antique linen” category (whatever that means).

But then it got pinker.  No extra paint, just a lack of a flash and no morning light and suddenly I was dealing with Pepto’s cousin.

Considering the hours I spend in my room are usually in the evening and that was when Barefoot really started to kick in, I had  a sneaking suspicion it wasn’t going to make the cut.  To be sure, I checked it out again before I went to bed on Sunday, when I got up on Monday, and when I got home from work Monday night.  On Tuesday morning, I decided that I was putting my shoes on and going to toss pink out the window.

I didn’t want to waste more money testing out colors (for a couple of reasons including the fact that our landlord is paying for painting supplies, and I couldn’t validate buying quart after quart of test colors), so I asked myself, “Why mess with a good thing?” and walked out to the garage where I was hoarding a gallon of paint from my old apartment.  April Mist.  Crisp celery green.  I started covering the pink immediately on Tuesday night.

Fail.  Does that look like celery to anyone?  I’m thinking more along the lines of pea soup.  I was hoping that I hadn’t mixed the paint enough or that it was merely the light that was making this “April Mist” look muddy, but it wasn’t…

Everything about the color combo in the picture above makes my stomach turn.  It was confirmed.  “April Mist” was not my paint from days gone by, and I couldn’t sneak my way out of spending another $30 on a gallon of paint in hopes of “reusing.”

Back to the hardware store for me.

Pottery Barn image of bedspread found here.

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