Spirit’s Mist.

Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.  But first a quick recap.  I wanted to try something new.  And it just didn’t work.

Goodbye, pink.

Then I decided I would just stick with what I knew I loved in my room at my old place and tried to save a buck by using a leftover can of paint from my last apartment.  That didn’t work either.  It wasn’t the right color.

So I went back to the hardware store (I went 5 days in a row last week) and picked through all of the paint chips until I rediscovered my long lost friend Spirit’s Mist.  In my defense, the awful pea green of pictures above was called April Mist.  There were also at least three other “_______ Mist(s)” at the store – who’d have thought it was such a popular adjective?

And who would have thought that the difference between a spirit’s mist and April’s mis would be so apparent?

Those are my three colors that went on the wall before committing to the light green (four if you count the original yellowy beige the walls were when I arrived).  I described it yesterday as a sort of “celery” color because it’s pretty crisp and bright and the degree of green-yellow-white varies depending on the time of day or type of light in the room.  Allow me to demonstrate.  Below are two pictures:  Same spot.  Different light.

You can even see the difference in the color from the little alcove to the flat wall on bumped out on the right.

Don’t think for one minute this painting process was all celery and roses.  Like I said, I was at the hardware store 5 nights last week, and I had a headache for about 5 days straight because of all the paint fumes I was inhaling as I slept.  And woke.  And anything else I did in the apartment.  (We actually started working on the living room, too, which only perpetuated the heady problem.  More to come on that.)  As a matter of fact, I didn’t even undertake this solo.  My man got roped into helped me finish up the first layer of rolling while I did the edging.  (Note: Kevin is a much better painter than I am.  Apparently you’re actually supposed to use a lot of paint when you roll instead of trying to stretch it like I do.)

I also had to bring in this stuff:For ugly peeling spots that looked like this:

And on top of the spackling, I actually worked my way through one gallon and two quarts of paint for the undertaking.  Please note that one gallon and two quarts is not the same as one and one half gallons of paint.  I actually had three separate cans of Spirit’s Mist – or some variation of it.

(Fun fact: Did you know that the paint can opener is called a church key and that it doubles as a bottle opener?  Genius.  We have one hanging on our fridge now.)

The whole I-needed-three-cans-of-paint thing actually brought to light a very good lesson.  **Whenever you use more than one can of paint, you should always mix the two (or three) to ensure that the paint matches as best it can.  No two cans are created equally.**  Case and point is the fact that Spirit’s Mist didn’t actually have a dye combination that could be divided into quarts, so the guys at the hardware store did a color match.  And it didn’t come out to the same formula.  But because I mixed the remainder of my gallon with the new quart, the second rolling coat (and second edging coat – necessary because of the color variation from the original quart) blended in perfectly with the rest of the walls.

And the best part?  (And main decision maker in the color of my room…)  It looks great with my bedding.

Oh and that bed?  That was my birthday present from Kevin.  (I really want to insert a smiley face here, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Imagine me grinning like an idiot.)  I will be sharing that process with you next week.

So any awesome paint successes (or failures) out there?  A personal favorite on the color wheel?  Or has anyone found a good pink?  I don’t know that I’ll ever try it again.

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