I imagine that with all of the incredible online deal websites out there today (buywithme and Groupon among them), most of you have already heard of Hip2Save.  I didn’t.  Perhaps Im not hip.  Whatever it is, I’m on board now, and I’m looking to share the wealth.

My boyfriend’s sister-in-law, Danielle, gets props for this score.  While we were watching the Patriots lose on Sunday, I was couponing.  And then I started talking about how great some of the coupons were.  And then there was a coupon for a magazine.  And then I said, “I want to get more magazines.”  And then Danielle said, “Oh!  You should get them through Hip2Save or swaggrabber.com.  That’s where I get all of my magazine subscriptions.”  (I’m telling you – we are the best people to watch football with ever.)

Now for a picture of my brain:

(Yes.  I googled “brain like a sieve” and that’s what I got.  Oh – and I got it here.)

Thankfully, Danielle emailed me on Monday to remind me about the great deals I was missing out on due to my sieve-like brain.  And, thankfully, I remembered to tear myself away from Mad Men to check my email again after work and scored two magazine subscriptions.  (For some reason I associate magazine subscriptions with a weird sort of maturity.  It’s kind of like, “I live in a house/apartment/somewhere I receive my own mail, so I can get things that are consistently delivered (besides bills) to my grown-up and permanent (at least for a year) address.”)

I know.  It makes perfect sense.  What doesn’t make sense is my consistent parathenthetical (made up word which just happens to call for an explanation in parentheses) abuse.

Either way – I got SELF and Woman’s Day (a magazine I was always wary of until a girlfriend of mine started getting it, and I realized that it contained recipes for things like cream cheese frosting – say no more).  And I got them both for only $11.98.

The only downside I can see so far is that magazine subscriptions seem to always take 4-6 weeks to kick in.

Bonus Savings Tip: The website Hip2Save finagles its deals through honors a 20% discount at all times with the coupon code “Hip2Save.”  Woman’s Day wasn’t actually being promoted on the Hip2Save site, but it was still such a good deal (especially after the extra 20% off) that I coudln’t say no.  Other magazines I’m wanting: Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living, and Cooking Light.  Bon Appetit was already featured on Hip2Save (with a $4.99 year subscription!), so I’m holding out until it shows up again.

Lucky for me, one mag I don’t have to wait for is Real Simple.

My friend Carolyn got me a subscription for my birthday.  And the most thoughtful part?  She did it because she knew I would be kicking off my blog (the name of which has since changed, but I do happen to think our apartment has the potential to be pretty darned adorable).

I’m still eagerly awaiting my first one of those, but it should be here soon!  Oh.  And I just realized that the copy of Woman’s Day that will most likely kick off my subscription is the Christmas one… Hello, Mr. Spice Cake.  Ms. Candy Cane.  Monsieur Eggnog.  Bailey’s.  Chocolate-covered pretzels.  Red sprinkles.  Santa.  Gingerbread cookies.  Homemade peppermint mochas.  Starbucks peppermint mochas with 4 times as much caloric goodness resulting in consumers looking like Santa…

Sidetracked.  It’s September.

What are your favorite magazines?  Do you have any subscriptions, or are you like I usually am and are “waiting until things are more permanent?”  I say throw caution to the wind – especially if you find a magazine you’ve just been dying to have for only $4 a year!  (Disclaimer: I won’t judge you if you’re lusting after USWeekly.  It was the second one I looked up.  It turns out that juicy stuff is pretty pricey.  Any hints on how to save a buck on that?)

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