So here’s the thing.  It really bums me out when I’m promised (yes, I personally am promised) a certain blog post (you know, “I’ll be back tomorrow with ________!”) and then it doesn’t come.

Refresh my memory here… Is the correct phrase, “You find your own faults in others”?  Because I totally just did exactly what I don’t like.  I absolutely told you I’d be back with more bed details and here I am explaining why, in fact, I’m not.

I was diverted.



Okay fine.  In reality, I got swept up in other things which included:

And then after all of that, we were distracted by chocolate chip & Snickers cookies.

Which are literally chocolate chip cookies (Tollhouse recipe, of course) and the remaining mini Snickers I was hoarding (more on that here) all mixed up to create these:

These pictures really don’t do the cookies justice.  Probably because I took them with my phone when I got to work.  (I bring all of my baked goods in to work so I can try new things but not get stuck with 4 dozen cookies or 75 cupcakes at my apartment.  And when I say “all my baked goods” I really mean “anything that’s left over after the night I make them.”)

But the best part about the cookies is this:

Hello Ooey-Gooey-Snickery-Goodness.  You really are distracting…

So forgive me folks, but I’m sure you now see where my heart lies (in the bed post – punny) and where my other heart stomach lies (in my stomach – aka pizza, wine, friends and cookies).  (Yes.  I hold my friends near and dear to my stomach.  Not my heart.)  How’s this?  Sometime early next week I will share with you My Regal Highness Part II.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get these cookies to the copy room before they end up with my friends.  In my stomach.

P.S.  The first two pictures found here and here.

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4 Responses to Diverted.

  1. Liz says:

    I wish I were there to eat those cookies!!! They look DELISH 🙂

  2. Clarice says:

    You didn’t mention the headache Charles Shaw gave me!! Or maybe I should blame the lack of sleep due to us staying up to watch Mad Men. Either way, I have no regrets. Fun night!

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