US Weekly!

Just a quick sidenote for you this morning.  The other I was going on and on about the great magazine deals you can get through Hip2Save (here), and I ended the post with this:

(Disclaimer: I won’t judge you if you’re lusting after US Weekly.  It was the second one I looked up.  It turns out that juicy stuff is pretty pricey.  Any hints on how to save a buck on that?)

Well if you’re one of those lusters, then it’s your lucky day! On Hip2Save today, they’re letting you in on a two-year subscription to US Weekly for only 38 cents an issue!  Check it out here and tell Kim Kardashian I say hello!

This deal only goes until the end of today, so be sure to jump on it.  (You know I will.  I also jumped on the Better Homes and Garden deal they had last week.  C’mon, Martha Stewart Living!  It’s your time to shine!)

P.S.  I know I excessively abused exclamation marks in this post and for that I am not sorry!  I simply can’t contain my excitement!


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  1. C says:

    Did you know that your site has a mobile compatible format??

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