Bathroom Accoutrements.

I will bet you three dollars apiece (and judging by my site stats so far, I should be able to afford it), that I somehow got “accoutrements” wrong.  How do I know?  Because it’s a French word.  And considering my lack of (s)wordsmanship when it comes to languages other than English (here), I probably am a little misguided.  As a reprieve from yesterday’s über-long (yep – now I’m bringing in the Deutsch), I’m just going to quickly share a fabulous find for our WC.

Clarice and I wanted to make our small bathroom as neat as possible considering it is right off the kitchen.  And also because… well.  Just because.  Who doesn’t love a pristine powder room?  And to kick it off, we needed an immediate upgrade.  (I promise – it looks whiter and brighter in person.)I just don’t dig on disposable hand soaps unless they come in a cute bottle.  Yes.  They’re inexpensive in the short run.  No.  They don’t look good.  So we went on the hunt (and it really was a hunt – we visited HomeGoods, several Marshall’s and TJ Maxx’s, even Bed Bath & Beyond to no avail) for a perfect soap dispenser.  A white ceramic one.

Um.  White ceramic soap dispensers are overpriced.

Well.  Except for this one.

I found it when I went to Target for who knows what (seriously – I don’t remember – all I know is I came out with the soap dispenser, a bunch of candy, and a fabulous frozen pizza among other things).  I know.  Its shape is a little unconventional.  We had really been looking for the classic tall cylindrical type, but I realized that this one would nicely mimic the roundness of the sink.  Oh.  And it was on sale.

Super sale.  75% off the original price.

And almost 66% off the original clearance price.  (Yes.  I do this “peel off the current sale price tag to see how much someone else paid for it when they thought it was ‘on sale’ and delight in just how much more I saved than that person did” thing.  All the time.  With clothes, especially.  Oh.  And apparently bathroom accoutrements.)

And now we keep a big bottle of Dial liquid soap (also only $3) under the sink and refill as needed.  Plus.  I think it looks great.

I have plans for a towel rack on the wall to the right of the bathroom mirror, but I really don’t like towel rings and the space is only 10 inches wide.

Don’t worry.  I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve (Can you keep ideas up there?  Or just tricks?).  And I have a decent track record with the WC so far, so I’m going to dive in head first (as soon as I find just what I’m looking for – and at the right price).

Any mini and immediate upgrades in your powder rooms?  Do you even know what the difference between a powder room and a bathroom is?  All I can guess is that the bathroom has a – you guessed it – bathtub in it.  But how many powder rooms actually have powder in them these days?  I know.  I ask deep and thought-provoking questions.  I hope to someday do a bathroom renovation that includes wallpaper.  What are your dreams for the bathroom?  Any that have gone down the toilet?  (I had to.  Really.  I did.)

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