Babble-on: Not Just a Country

Where is/was Babylon, anyway?  I am “geographically challenged” as my parents like to say.  (Seriously, though, I once was coming home from New York and drove 50 miles south in a snowstorm before I realized I was going the wrong way.  And yes.  I was trying to get north to Boston.  And no.  I’m not just adding the snowstorm for effect like our parents did.  I actually added 100 miles of snowy road to my trip because I got on 95 south.)

Either way.  Babbling on.  That’s what I’m doing.  I have a couple of quick things to share, but let me first tell you that I spent Tuesday in an “information mapping” training session.  All day.  So I’m going to go ahead and use what I “learned” in organizing this post because – if you hadn’t noticed – my brain naturally “info maps” about as well as I read real maps (no quotations necessary).

Today in a Nutshell


  • I ripped my favorite button down.  Not along a seam.  But somehow in the middle of my left shoulder.  It’s irreparable.  Except I plan to “repair” it with some bright and inappropriate thread color.  It is now sitting on top of my hamper which is my “to-be-mended-or-ironed” pile.  Right now my computer case is on my hamper, though, and it doesn’t need to be mended or ironed… there goes that pile name.
  • I heard a scratching somewhere in the apartment and went to the stairwell to discover A FLYING SQUIRREL TRYING TO GET BACK OUTSIDE BECAUSE IT HAD SOMEHOW GOTTEN INSIDE.  Like my getting lost coming home from New York story, I wish I could tell you that this was the first time a flying squirrel had infiltrated my life.  It is, in fact, that second.  I scared it down the stairs and opened the window and willed it to go out the open window and it didn’t listen and instead ran up the stairs and into the apartment and it ran straight into Clarice’s bedroom and I was screaming “NO!” and it still wasn’t listening and I opened Clarice’s window and I hoped for the best and I changed my ripped shirt and I left for work and I got there late even though I was supposed to get there early.  (And I was about as out of breath after the entire expedition as you are if you just read that insane run-on sentence aloud.)

(Incredibly accurate – except that my squirrel wasn’t flying – photo found here.)


  • I was in info mapping training all day.  Can you tell I didn’t really do well?  This post is not info mapped even remotely well.  With the exception of my bolded titles, subtitles and fabulously placed bullet points.
  • I bought an anti-aging night cream at Clinique.  In part because I really wanted a night cream because I’m 26 and it’s easier to prevent now than correct down the line and in part because I wanted the free gift (which wasn’t free at all because I bought my anti-aging cream).  I’ll let you know how it works.  Alternatively, you can start staring at my pictures and just let me know whether you see any difference.


  • I joined a couple girlfriends for taco salad and Glee (which I’m really not impressed with thus far this season – Revenge is really blowing it out of the water).
  • And then I arrived home to what makes Tuesdays (or Wednesdays depending on the USPS) one of my favorite days of the week:

Which was full of these:

Every week Kev’s mom sends me the coupons for the Sunday paper!

Now I have to tear myself away from the coupons and the computer because all of a sudden it’s 11:30 and I told myself I’d be in bed by 10:30 and between the exhaustion and the stress of my shirt, the squirrel, and the new lack of knowledge about information mapping in a blog format, I really need to try out my new lotion.

Tell me I’m not the only one confused about Babylon and living with flying squirrels.

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