Closet Space.

Closet space.  I have none.

I went from this (at my old apartment):

To this:

Please note that this is the closet in my bedroom and it doesn’t even fit a coat hanger in it properly.

Admittedly, I do have a shelf on the top.

I’ve tried to make the most of the space, including getting hangers that have swivel tops and taking advantage of the shelf with bins and the hooks on the door, but it took all of three minutes to realize I’d need something else for hanging things for the next year.  A wardrobe it was.

Because of the size of my room and because this isn’t a wardrobe for life, I was looking for value and size.  I perused Craigslist for possible wardrobe options, but they were all assembled and if you remember our stairway, then you’ll remember that our major qualification for furniture is that anything big we bring in needs to come in a box.  (Just like our couch surfing and my bed construction.)  With this in mind I went straight to IKEA and straight to this big guy – Aspelund:

The size was right.  The price was right.  The packaging was right.  And the fact that it has a built-in full length mirror was definitely right.  I especially loved that the two doors on the left house the space for hanging pieces and the door on the left is for shelves.

And even more than that I really loved that my dear old dad put the whole thing together for me.  (Look.  I got a “4” – basically a D – on my first grade report card for “follows instructions” and that’s pretty much been par for the course ever since.  As often as possible, I let others read directions.)

(Yep – this all happened on move in day.  I just hadn’t shared yet.)

Dad and I discussed this purchase before I even moved in.  We wanted to make sure that it would fit in the space properly.  The goal – with the layout of the rest of the room – was to have it pushed up against the wall on the right, creating an alleyway (essentially) between my bed and the wardrobe, still allowing for traffic, but also making sure that both my bed and the wardrobe – the tallest things in my room – would be against the full length walls.  (Remember – we’re on the third floor, so most of our walls are only five feet hight before the ceiling cuts in to accommodate the roof.)

This picture (though very blurry) may best represent what I’m talking about.  The mattress is pushed up against the wall on the right where the headboard of my bed is, the dresser is lying on the floor directly in front of where it would stand, and my mom is standing next to the door.

And here is where I get the bad blogger award.  My room is oh-so-very messy that I actually need to clean it before I give you pictures of how my “closet” looks today and introduce you to the innards of my Aspelund.

Are you in an apartment right now?  What’s your closet situation?  Would you even call my “closet” a closet?  I love IKEA.  Really.  I do.


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