I Love Them Apples.

I think that because I live in Boston, I would have had a little more license in the “insert ‘How do you like them apples’ quote as a post title,” but I’m no Matt Damon.  So I skewed it.  And I was a little more direct.  And little less figurative.  And more literal.

On Friday I promised my weekend of baking.  Well.  It turned out it wasn’t just a baking weekend (although baking was involved).  It was also a cooking weekend, but I’ll get to that later.  Right now let’s talk about Russell Orchards in Ipswich, MA.

I had actually never been to Ipswich before this weekend and after about three minutes of driving along one of the back roads I was sold.  It’s beautiful.  And this place was perfect for our day trip.  Clarice, our friends Annie and Courtney, and I drove north on Saturday morning fulfill one of our autumn check list items.  (I don’t actually have a check list for autumn, but if I did apple picking would be right up on the top.  Followed by “try not to buy more sweaters this year even though you love them to death and can never have enough.”)

Russell Orchards is exactly what people think of when they picture quintessential northeast apple picking.  (And in the spirit of fulfilling stereotypes, we headed straight to the apple cider donuts upon arrival.  Voted number 1 at the Topsfield Fair!)

We spent our time meandering up and down the rows of the orchard trying to identify which apples were which.  This sign was at the entrance, but that wasn’t helpful once we were in the orchard.

Our bags were about three-quarters full when we realized that every. single. row. of apples was labeled at the end.  Oops.

We headed back to the farm store for some cider when we were done picking (we managed to resist round two of the donuts).  And wine tasting.  Fine.  We also got some fudge.  And I would drive back to Ipswich for more.

The best thing to come of the apple picking thus far, though, was this apple cinnamon coffee cake:

Fine.  That’s not my version.  This is:

(I actually just started laughing when I looked at these picture side by side.  I swear.  Even though mine looks way less appetizing it is actually incredible.  I just happened to have an issue with the wax paper that I thought was parchment paper and that started burning ten minutes into the baking which forced me to pull the whole thing out the oven and try to transfer it to tin foil while burning hot and then breaking it when I dropped it because boiling lava hot (pockets – [inside joke]) apple juice started spilling between my fingers.  Oh.  And I forgot the egg and sugar glaze.  But the recipe actually makes two of these, so the other is in the freezer, and I’m going to get it right the second time around.)

Anyone out there have a better looking apple cinnamon cake?  (Other than Joy the Baker?)  I bet there are a few hundred.

Or grab the recipe here and give it a go!


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2 Responses to I Love Them Apples.

  1. Maureen (not your mother....the other one) says:

    LOLLLLLLLLL. That comparison is priceless.

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