Butternut Bisque

I didn’t know I like butternut squash until last winter.  I was dabbling with Weight Watchers (don’t judge – their candies are amazing.  plus.  it works.) and came across a recipe for butternut squash soup on Skinny Taste.  I was hooked.  (And I was looking for soup recipes because I had just bought an immersion blender from Macy’s for twenty dollars.)

This year I dove right in to the massive pile of butternut squashes at Trader Joes (they’re all the same price, so I just go right ahead and grab the biggest one) to make some more soup.  But then I found bisque this:

Once again, mine doesn’t look quite as beautiful as Martha Stewart’s butternut squash bisque, but I promise it tasted just as wonderful.

Among the tips I took from the recipe reviews, the advice to save time on peeling an uncooked butternut squash was most beneficial.  Instead of trying to peel the whole squash, I cut it up into one inch rounds, filled a baking dish with some water, covered the squash and stuck it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

When it came out, the squash was already cooked and the rounds were very easy to peel.  On top of making the peel and rind removal simpler, this step also cuts out the 20 minutes of boiling the cubed butternut squash.  At this point it was ready to be pureed.

While I waited for the butternut squash to cool off a bit, I added the butter and onions to a sauce pan and softened up the onions a bit.

Only three tablespoons of butter in this entire recipe, and I easily got 7 servings out of this.  (Three are gone and four are in the freezer…)  If anything, I used more squash than the recipe called for (there were two baking dishes full), but the more the merrier when it comes to that orangey goodness.  **Another tip:  If you don’t have a blender, cut up the onions more finely.  Using the immersion blender didn’t puree all of the onions – which didn’t bother me one bit, actually.**

I didn’t have cans of chicken broth on hand, so I just added a bouillon cube and two cups of water and the spices and stirred until the cube dissolved.

Just as easy and less expensive than canned broth.  Because I used the cubes, which are high in sodium, I didn’t add any extra salt to the bisque.  (Those are my potatoes boiling in the background – ignore the mess.  I am a mess.  When I cook.  Sometimes in my regular life, too.  I didn’t make my bed this morning.)

Once the cube dissolved and the water heated, I threw in the peeled butternut squash and got down to business with the immersion blender.

(I really don’t know how people take pictures one-handed while cooking.  I make a mess.)

And that was all there was to it!  Please.  For your appetite’s sake, ignore my fluorescent-lit pictures and see Martha’s above.  I served it as a side with my very first roast chicken (which I did in a crock pot and was so easy I can’t help but encourage you to do the same – recipe here), mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Here’s to ringing in fall with the comfort foods!

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