Nice Layout

I’m not talking about Bring It On when I mention layouts.  (Although what girl didn’t love that movie at some point in life?)  I’m talking about furniture placement.  I’ve indulged a bit about our storage closet (here), my bedroom (here and here), the kitchen (here and here) and even the bathroom (here and here – it’s clean, I swear), but I have sort of left you in the dark when it comes to the living room.  Well.  Let there be light!

As you may have noticed in the pictures I posted of the living room on moving day, there are some tricky layouts in our apartment because it is on the third floor and every window is a dormer window.  The best way to show you, I decided, is via PDFs.  I spent quite a bit of time arranging and rearranging possible space options before we even moved in.  Here’s what the space looks like:

There is a window in each dormer (is that even what they’re called?) and that door in the middle of the wall is a closet.  Right now it holds winter coats.  It will ultimately hold extra bedding and air mattress, too.  But that’s neither here nor there.  The point of this post is to let you know about how much planning I did before we even moved in to try and maximize the space.  It needed to be a living room, a dining room, and an “office.” 

We considered the following with a round table.  The two big rectangles are couches and the small one is a media stand:

Then we considered the same setup with a rectangular table, which I liked so much I added a rug and a coffee table:

But that would have left us with only a loveseat and a chair in the window (three seats), so I moved away from that and on to this to include a full couch (which I realized there was an image for) and a (world’s biggest) chair:

 Which limited the seating for watching TV or a movie.  I did a full switch and thought momentarily about putting the couch, chair and TV on the other side of the room:

 And then switched it right back, got over my whole “we should try to not have the closet blocked” thing and ended up with this: 

And we’re still rocking it.  Well.  Sans chair at the moment.  We actually have a coffee table where the chair should be.  But that is a project that is in the works and will have limited options due to the narrowness of our stairwell and what we can actually fit into the apartment.

I’ll get you some actual pictures soon and will show you our paint transformation and the plan to finally get some stuff up on the walls.  Maybe I’ll enlist an actual room planning program found online for future previews, too…

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3 Responses to Nice Layout

  1. CS says:

    what software did you use for the layout?

    • Catie says:

      Microsoft Visio. And then I saved it to a jpeg. I wouldn’t call it the best/easiest/most recommended option, but I had time on my hands at work. 🙂

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