Raffia Wreath

I’ve been itching for a wreath on our front door for weeks now, but I never wanted to commit to purchasing one because I never found one I loved, and I thought it would be a fun project to create my own.

I was at Michaels on Saturday with my friends Megan and Emily – whose porch I really should have taken a picture of.  They did an awesome job for fall!  Corn stalks, hay bales, mums and more.  Emily was in search of enamel paint for a Martha Stewart candy jar project, and while perusing I happened to walk right into the raffia section.  I came out with this:

A glue gun (my first ever of my own – and it was only $3!), glue sticks, a styrofoam wreath form, natural colored raffia, brown and chestnut raffia, and a stem of fake flowers in fall colors because they were only 60 cents.

I got to work Monday night (after a failed “hang-stuff-on-the-walls” attempt), and just continued to wrap and glue the raffia all the way around the wreath.  Very simple.  An easy craft and mindless, to boot.

I didn’t need nearly as much raffia as I had anticipated.  I had only used about a quarter of the package at this point.

Then I made a few bunches with the brown and chestnut raffia and stuck in a couple of those flowers (also with the glue gun) and here’s what I ended up with:

I won’t lie.  I wish I had some other colors in there – maybe a green or a purple – but it was easy and fun and with Christmas only 2 months away, I can just tear off the browns and reuse the raffia with some red and green for a Christmas wreath!  Talk about versatile.

Although.  The fact that we have no overhang on our front door means that I should probably keep this puppy out of the rain.  (Which is only one of the reasons it is currently hanging on the living room door handle.)

Anyone can do this project – it’s impossible to mess up!  As a matter of fact, I caught up on even more Gossip Girl  while I got crafty.  (I don’t want to talk about it.  I’m on the final disc of Season 4.  It has to end soon!)  What are you putting up for holiday decor?  Any other easy wreath ideas that you’ve done yourself?  Or recommendations on making this one look festive for the next holiday season that is right around the corner?

Alternatively, you can just tell me whether or not you love Gossip Girl.  A simple “yes” with no other words will suffice.

Psst… I updated yesterday’s post on our living room layout because I realized that the final product picture hadn’t posted.  If you want to see the set up we’re rocking – check it out!

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