Pinterest Challenge

A while back I mentioned Pinterest, but by now you have probably all heard of it.  And if you haven’t, well, be glad you’re reading this post.  I’m obsessed.  And I just got  the app for Pinterest, so now I’m doubly obsessed.  I fear my productivity levels at work will drop.  And fast.

On Wednesday, Sherry at Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power posted about their “Pinterest Challenge.”  The purpose of this challenge is to encourage readers to stop just drooling over their pins on Pinterest and actually take on a project.  Because I spend so much time on Pinterest as is – and am one of those folks who has yet to actually take the reins and do something about everything (or anything) I love the looks of.  So here I go – I’m taking part in Katie and Sherry’s Pinterest Challenge.

Just click on that button if you’re interested in more details on the challenge – it will take you over to Young House Love.  Perhaps the best thing about the first Pinterest Challenge (this is numbero dos) were all of the reader responses showing off their pin-projects-come-true.  It’s incredibly inspiring to see what folks can do when they put down the computer and pick up a glue gun.  Or hammer.  Or drill.  Or thread and needle.  Or – oh.  You get my drift?  Superb.

I’ve decided that I will actual double up on this Pinterest Challenge and take on more than one project: an animal, a mineral, and a vegetable.  Lies.  I’m only taking on two.  And I’m not even sure which category they’d fall under when it comes to animal, mineral, vegetable.  (Science wasn’t isn’t my strong suit.)  One’s a food and one’s a craft.

First, I’m going to tackle this chicken parm bake:

My man friend (aka my boyfriend Kevin whom I like to call man friend because it’s creepy and my mom introduced him once as my “friend” which was creepy to start and I wanted to intensify the creep factor) and his brother and sister-in-law are coming down for the night on Saturday, and Danielle (his sister-in-law) and I gave this dish the go-ahead.  I have such trouble with chicken parm and actually making it delicious, so I’m hoping that this will be the answer to my unspoken-but-definitely-thought-of prayers.

As for my green thumb in the craft department (fine.  it’s yellow.  like an upripe tomato.  wait.  those are green.  you get it.) …

I suppose the bulletin board and dry erase board technically count as two separate projects, but it’s for the same empty wall space in the kitchen that is just crying out for love, attention, and organization of the coupons and notes around the apartment, so I’m counting it as one.  Although.  If we do count it as two, I’m calling chicken parm animal (duh), the bulletin board vegetable (because that burlap reminds me of potatoes) and the dry erase board mineral (because it’s the only one left).

The Pinterest Challenge reveals will be on November 1st, so pick a project and get moving!  If you aren’t a Pinterest member yet, leave a comment below and I’ll “extend” an invitation (this usually means faster access to the site).  And if you are a member – get in on this!  What will you make?  Betsy and Danielle – I most certainly expect comments and participation from you both.

I know you’re pin-aholics.

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5 Responses to Pinterest Challenge

  1. Liz says:

    OK Catie…after our conversation the other day I’m definitely interested in becoming a member. Extend away 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    I love a challange and a Pinterest challange 🙂 woooo hooo an excuse to get creative. IM IN

  3. Betsy says:

    Oooh that is a fab idea. I realized at one point I’ve been pinning waaay too much and doing nothing with them – so I made a board and repin everything I’ve actually tried and how it turned out. It is my only board with under 10 pins ha.

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