Prints Charming

Part of the decorating process is … decorating.  We’ve been putting most of our effort here into making sure furniture pieces are finished and put together.  But we literally have not a single thing on the walls.

We did get rid of the wall color and opted to paint the living room walls white.  Blank slate.  We wanted the couch to look less like this:

Which in the glow of our fluorescent lighting actually looked like this:

So we opted to get rid of that monotone yellow/beige/ugly color combination.  And we painted the walls white.

MUCH cleaner, right?  And yet.  Still so much to do.  Like change out those newspaper hangings for actual art.  And get rid of the lamps.  And make different pillow case covers.

But for now let’s focus on the prints.  I spent some time searching around on Etsy – before I actually moved in to be honest – and came upon these prints:

I found them here and even though it says “only one available” there are more.  (At least I assume there are more considering it said that when I bought mine and they’re still available.)  I’m completely in love with these kinds of prints and how totally simple-but-not-boring they are.

They were a bit on the pricey side for what I usually go with (they were just over $50 with tax and shipping), but I happened to get a birthday gift from my grandfather a couple weeks late, so I wrote him a thank you note telling him exactly how I already knew what I’d put it toward.  And I can’t wait to hang them up.

Which is a process in and of itself.  I’d always thought I’d hang them as a foursome like they’re shown above, but after trying that – well, trying it with newspapers – I wasn’t liking what I was seeing.

(The terrible picture quality only heightens the problem.)  There is just too much going on in that space between the prints and the bookshelf.  The frames we picked up at JoAnn Fabrics (for 40% off) make the 11×14″ prints even bigger than they are.  Which is simply too big for four together.

Clarice and I chatted about different locations for the prints, and I think we’ve decided on where they’ll go.  Naturally, though, they aren’t up yet.  But with Kev’s brother and sister-in-law coming down on Saturday, it’s the perfect catalyst to get my butt in gear!  (Don’t judge me for wanting to clean and decorate on Friday night…)

What’s up for you?  A date with Mr. Clean?  No?  Well have a fabulous weekend no matter who you spend it with!

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