Prints Charming in My Apartment

I did it.  I stayed up until 4:00am on Friday night (Saturday morning?) and finally got my act(s) in gear.  I was a hanging/organizing/cleaning machine.  And on Saturday I kept going.  Well.  I slept until noon and then kept going.  But the prints I showed you here are now here:

I’m in love.  It makes the entire room so much more welcoming.  (And who doesn’t want to come home to a Prince prints?)

We originally had thought we’d go with this setup (shown in newspapers):

But I’m so much happier with how we decided to hang them.  From every angle.  Even with the fluorescent lighting.

(Like our TV stand?  See more on how we transformed that here!)

There is so much more to tell you from my most-productive-weekend-ever, and I can’t wait to share.  But I’ll give you a hint at a couple projects to come: a Joann’s trip to take care of curtains, that coffee table replaced by a chair (at last!) and the TV… well that’s going to change, too.

How was your weekend?  Finally get anything checked off your list?  Perhaps… a Pinterest project?  Don’t forget – tomorrow is the big “Pinterest Challenge” reveal!  If you partook, send me an email and I’ll share people’s creations!

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5 Responses to Prints Charming in My Apartment

  1. Lyndsay says:

    I think the one on the right is a little off center…

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