_____ Holder

What’s the blank?  Guess.  Hand?  Place?  Over-the-shoulder-boulder?  Thresh?  (Ha.  That makes no sense.)  Well whatever your guess, the answer is “toilet paper.”  I know.  It was on the tip of your tongue, right?  Fine.  Maybe the back of your brain.  Or the gutter.  Or something.  Either way.  That’s what I’m talking about today.

A while back I gave you a mini tour of our “bathroom accoutrements” (you know – what with French minor and all (lies, I tell you)).  It included my great find of a white ceramic soap dispenser that was marked down 75%.

I still love it.  But what I didn’t love was that we didn’t have a towel rack.

It really took away from the “understated elegance” of the WC.  Fine.  There isn’t any real elegance to be had here – understated or not – but it was driving me nuts to keep refolding the towel and hoping it would stay looking nice even though it probably wasn’t drying properly considering how it was left on the side of the sink to fend for itself all alone in the bathroom.  (I don’t know when I decided to make this so dramatic.)

In short, I had proposed that I wanted to hand the towel here:

But because the space is so narrow – only 10 inches between the mirror and the other side of the wall – a towel rack wouldn’t fit.  And even though I love our round soap dispenser, I don’t love round towel rings.  So I devised a plan to use…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are now using a toilet paper holder as our towel rack.  It matches what little hardware there is in the bathroom, it’s the right size, and at under $8 at WalMart, it was certainly the right price.  You’ll soon notice that most of what gets hung in this apartment is done with a measuring tape in hand, but nothing is married to perfection.  We can’t rely on levels because this look uneven due to the ceilings and door frames and floors and everything else being old and slanted (part of the charm, actually), so there is a whole lotta eyeballing.  Which is what I did with this sucker.

I’m in love.  With a toilet paper holder.  Who knew?  (Now you.)  And the best part is that no one actually ever takes the towel off the rack to dry his hands, so I can rotate the towel whenever I need and I don’t have to fret about someone pulling it off and undoing the spring-loaded center bar (on which one would normally load Charmin.  Or Scott.  Or Quilted Northern.  To each his own…).  And you also can’t see the center bar, which I think is really the giveaway as to what this “towel rack” actually is.  I tell you.  It’s a daily masquerade ball here in this adobe.

Its profile is kind of deep, but I prefer to consider it “sophisticated.”  Much like a prominent nose.  (Kevin is probably thinking about my nose right now…)  You don’t notice it once you’re in there.  It just fits the rest of the bathroom’s face.

I also realized that I never showed you our bathroom storage, which you can see in the mirror reflection above.  Four shelves that – joy of joys – happened to perfectly accommodate four canvas bins I have had since college.  We have one with extra bath soap and hand towels, one each for our personal toiletries and one full of bathroom necessities like Lysol, cotton balls and Q-Tips.

Come to think of it… now that the window has been frosted, the shower curtain hung, the necessary accoutrements added, and the masquerade-party TP-holder-turned-towel-rack is complete, we might actually be done changing the bathroom.  Oh wait.  I want to add a dimmer switch.  (Our night-light died a few nights ago and I no longer drink water before bed in an attempt to avoid venturing into the dark.  Don’t judge.)

What are your ingenious dual-purpose pieces?  And yes.  I just called this project ingenious.  Such joy.

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