This is a quick post for sure, but I think it’s appropriate for a Friday.  At long last, we added a wine rack.  Our space is limited – the theme of this blog – and, oddly enough, we wanted to keep it in the kitchen.  After looking at the space, we opted for next to the cabinet.

I really wanted it to attach it to the wood, but the cabinet isn’t actually very sturdy (surprise surprise given the look of them, right?).  And I don’t actually think it’s made of wood.  With that in mind,  I went with the space between the storage closet door and the cabinet.

For the rack itself, I chose the traditional apartment wine rack from… IKEA, of course!

The price is right and the size it right and – with only two people – the bottle capacity is right.  Limit to four (and a bottle or two of white in the fridge…) and you’re good to go!  My hanging skills were about as technical as my skills when it came to my toilet-paper-turned-towel-rack and new wall art.  So…not.  Not technical at all.  But like I said, nothing in this old apartment is straight.  Why start now?

So after a few screws misplaced and replaced, here’s what I wound up with:

It worked out well that the necks of the bottles just overlap with the door frame and not actually affect the door opening at all.  (Note that there was one more bottle of white in the fridge when this picture was taken – like I said…)  I’m not crazy about how it looks coming up the stairs, but it fits and it works and it finally gets the bottles off the counter!

Most of those bottles are gone now. (Fine – all but one.)  They paired nicely with the chicken parm bake I made – and highly recommend – for Kevin’s brother and sister-in-law last Saturday night.  And I won’t lie – the final bottle might not make it through the weekend.

Happy Friday to you all and cheers!

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