Wall Flowers

Wall flowers have nothing to do with this post, but I figured that because I shared the living room art additions that I should also tell you a little more about what’s going on with my bedroom walls.  It took me a while to actually get stuff up on them.

First – a mirror.  And when I say, “I asked my dad to help me hang my mirror” what I mean is “I asked my dad to help me hang my mirror and he did the whole thing for me.”  (Thanks again, Pops.  I so prefer my new “prep” spot in the mornings.)  For a month I was getting ready in front of my wardrobe which left me getting ready in a very narrow space.  There is about 2 1/2 feet between my bed and the wardrobe mirror:

And the real kicker was the sun shining in right where I was standing when I blow drying my hair.  I mean.  I sweat enough as it is when I’m blowing hot air on my hair.  I don’t need it multiplied by the heat of the sun.  I decided, instead, that I wanted to use some of the other space in my room.  Everything seemed centralized to the bed, the one dresser and the wardrobe.

The other half of my room was virtually untouched.  So Pops came by after a meeting and helped me hang my mirror.  Which, by the way, I bought for $24 at Wal-Mart four years ago and still love.

He’s precise – which is great when hanging heavy objects – so he measured out the space and drilled holes first for anchors to ensure added support.  Before he started drilling, though, I showed him the single-most-amazing-easy-clean-up-after-drilling trick ever.  (All props for this ingenious move goes to Sherry and John over at Young House Love.  I saw it there first.)

Put painters tape under the spot you’ll be drilling:

And all of the dust and plaster that comes out of the hole lands cleanly on the painters tape!

Just fold it up and no sweeping required.  I tell you.  It is one of the small and amazing joys in life.  I hate sweeping.

No I’m working with this, and I get to blow dry my hair in a whole new part of my room without overheating (any more than usual).

It makes such a difference.  And tomorrow I’ll show you the other wall hangings that changed my life.  (Fine.  That’s dramatic.  But it really is noticeable.)

How was your weekend?  I’m taking a long weekend myself, so I am just lying low.  And baking new bites and taking on new projects that I’ll share with you soon.  (Note that I didn’t put a hard date on any of that.  I make no promises.)

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