Actual Wall Flowers (Sort of)

Yesterday I told you a little bit about my bedroom and finally taking action about the walls.  I added a mirror, and then I decided to get moving on the sad corner of my room that had simply been piled high with to-be-organized stuff.  Even when I organized that, the corner still depressed me.

It’s the corner on the right.  (Obviously.)

It was just so plain.  And blah.  And boring.  And a wide open expanse of nothingness that further emphasized the fullness of the opposite side of my room.  I contemplated a little bookshelf (any extra storage would be great), a couple floating shelves (for the same reason but without feeling like I was dropping another boxy piece of furniture against a wall or in a nook), and even a little chair (but then I realized that would quickly become a “drop zone” for random junk and further limit the flow of traffic around the corner of my bed to my new prep zone (aka where my mirror now is).

So as part of to my weekend-to-end-all-weekends-in-terms-of-productivity-in-the-organization-and-getting-stuff-on-the-walls that included me staying up until 4:00am on Friday night, I tackled my empty corner.  With pictures.  Now it looks like this:

I used these same frames (plus another that got stuck in a different spot) in my old apartment and was in love with them.  Back then each frame was filled with a decorative paper and it was laid out in a “random” pattern that entailed the various size frames creating a square.  It was perfect for the huge open space I had back then, but this time around I opted for a less organized look, which is more appropriate for the odd space the frames fill.  I also chose to change out on of the papers (the one on the right used to be different) and pop in two pictures.  Change is good.For the final frame, I added a new paper print and gave it its own space.  Right next to my bed.

I can’t believe how much I love that little print there.  I realized there was just too much white on white on light green going on on that wall, but I didn’t want to fall into the old habit of “center two or three frames above the headboard.”  In fact, this framed print not only anchors the space a little more – and changes the focal point a little, I think, but it also helps make the lamp lack of height a little less noticeable.  (See more on why “my-man-made-my bed” is so high here.)

I am officially feeling great about my room.  It’s definitely not done; I still want to add curtains and a jewelry rack of some sort, but that whole desolate corner has had a major facelift.  Finally the focus is more balanced.  Less here (that’s from my doorway):

And more here:

All by hanging up five things.  Any quick fixes for you?  Frames that changed your life?  Or maybe just made you happy?  (Not all frames are life changers.  No pressure.)

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One Response to Actual Wall Flowers (Sort of)

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love the picture of us on your wall 🙂
    the decorations are also beautiful… when we move into our next place, I’m going to hire you as an interior decorator. I can’t pay much, but how does a payment of chocolate and cheese sound?

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