Bacon Cheesy Goodness Puffs

I spent this past weekend on the Cape.  That’s where I’m from.  Originally.  As an evergreen is of the family of green-year-round trees, I am of the lived-on-the-Cape-year-round population.  I’ll tell you straight up: There’s nothing to do there this time of year.  Or until… April.  And nothing to do leads to extravaganzas in the kitchen.

Kevin came down, too, and we planned to have an unplanned weekend.  All that was on the books was the Patriots game on Sunday and a trip to our favorite breakfast (or lunch) locale: Cape Cod Bagel.  So.  Football and food.  But what goes hand-in-hand with football?  Food.  So.  Food and food.  Those were our plans.

We did a magnificent job.

Today I’m going to share with you this pin I fell in love with on Pinterest.  Bacon jalapeno poppers.  I then fell in love with them in person when I made them as a “tailgate for two” appetizer.

Don’t like jalapenos?  Don’t be deterred!  I hate them myself.  (Mustard is considered an adventure in spiceland in my book.)  But that’s why I titled this post “bacon cheesy goodness puffs”:  You can stuff the puffs with anything, really.  I made Kev the original (substituting jalapeno cream cheese for the regular cream cheese – he’s a sucker for spice) and I used cheddar cheese and bacon for mine.  YUM.


  • 1 can of biscuit dough
  • cooked bacon
  • cream cheese (or sliced regular cheese)
  • chopped jalapenos (optional)
Start by unrolling the crescent dough and cutting each crescent in half, doubling the number of triangles (to-be-puffs) you have.
In the center of each triangle add a dollop of cream cheese, some bacon and a piece of jalapeno.
(Note:  You can definitely pack it way fuller than I did here.  As a matter of fact, I think I’d recommend it.  The mo’ cheese the mo’ betta.)
Now begin the very technical folding process.  (Now note the sarcasm.)
Just overlap until they’re closed.  Not-a-one looked nearly as neat as that first one above and they all tasted just as good.  (I love how that works.)
I switched up my crescent roll innards after I’d done 10 with the spicy stuff, adding some of my favorite cheddar cheese instead:
(Note:  I recommend letting the cheese get to room temperature first.  The cheddar cheese wasn’t nearly as melty as I would have liked.  Cream cheese may be the way to go if you’re looking for the ultimate ooze factor.)
Then just pop the tray of prepped puffs in the oven for 9 minutes at 350 degrees and you’re done!
(Note:  Forgive the strange pictures.  I forgot my camera and used my phone, so the lighting is really weird.)
I would recommend this recipe to anyone.  Stuff it with whatever.  Pre-stuff it and bring it to a party to just pop in the oven for under 10 minutes.  Easily transportable.  Easily changed.  Easily eaten.  No muss.  No fuss.  Just yum yum.  Kevin also made the good suggestion that even if you didn’t want to stuff them all ahead of time, you can mix up whatever your filler will be ahead of time (i.e. dice the jalapenos and bacon and mix it into the cream cheese) and just drop a dollop in each when you get where you’re going.  I would definitely recommend making the pieces of bacon and jalapeno smaller than I did.  As they were, you’d grab a piece of the bacon with your teeth and then lose the whole chunk to one bite.  Smaller pieces might help spread the wealth.
(The separation is to make sure I didn’t eat any with the hot peppers.  And that Kevin didn’t go after on any of mine.  I bite.)
Need more details on this very technical recipe?  It’s all right here from Lindsay of From the Aisle to Aloha.
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3 Responses to Bacon Cheesy Goodness Puffs

  1. liztesar says:

    Wow, it says it right there in the title. These look steller! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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