Cozy Neck Warmer

Hello-ha.  (I say that all the time and no one knows that what I’m really doing is being bilingual and mixing “aloha” and “hello.”  I know.  Brilliant.  You may use the phrase and not even credit me.  Unless you get weird looks.  Then you can credit me.  Or blame me.  Whatever.  I’m flexible.)

I’ve been on a Pinterest kick for weeks.  (And it’s only gotten worse since I downloaded the app.)  Last week I linked up to Young House Love and Bower Power to participate in their Pinterest Challenge.  I revealed my projects here (a DIY dry erase board) and here (chicken parm bake).  And today, I want to share a friend’s Pinterest Challenge undertaking.

Danielle is not only my friend, but she also happens to be my boyfriend’s sister-in-law, a fabulous cook, and owner of some fabulous socks/tights combos.  For her Pinterest project she decided to make a scented rice bag to be used as a cozy neck warmer during the winter season.  It also helps you relax!  (Literally.  It will actually help relax your neck muscles.  I should make one because after I do crunches it’s my neck that hurts as much as my “abs.”  I think it’s because my head weighs about 15 pounds.  Which is about 7 pounds over the regular limit.)

Let’s focus on the neck warmer, though.  Danielle found her original pin here at The Idea Room and from there made her own version.  She wanted to make the rice warmer fit around her neck, so she made hers longer than outlined in the original instructions and left out the strap and D rings.


  • Uncooked white rice
  • Muslin
  • Exterior fabric
  • Lavender (culinary and essential oil)
  • Needle and thread
Danielle’s Step-by-Step Instructions:
1 : Measure a piece of muslin to desired length.  Fold it in half and iron (to make it easier to sew).
2 : Sew the muslin together leaving one end open so to leave a place to add the rice and lavender (she used a little but of lavender essential oil as well as some culinary lavender).
3 : Add rice and lavender and sew the end shut.
4 : Using the exterior fabric, repeat step 1 and 2 (minus adding the rice to it of course).
5 : Put the rice-filled muslin bag into the exterior bag and sew it shut.
That’s it!  Danielle just pops the neck warmer into the microwave for about a minute to warm it up and then it’s good to go!
So go on and get after those crunches.  Just for an excuse to use this bad boy.  Or don’t.  Do crunches that is.  Just get after the coziness of this neck warmer.
Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your Pinterest project!  Anyone else out there a lavender fan?  An enemy of crunches?  What have you made from Pinterest lately?  If you’re looking for an invite to get in on the pinning – just leave me a comment, and I’ll send one your way!
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