I love TJ Maxx.  Marshalls sometimes makes me happy and Home Goods is pretty great, too, but TJ’s… Oh.  TJ Maxx holds a special place in my heart.  I once went home for a week’s vacation and – even though it was the middle of July on Cape Cod – I managed to squeeze in a visit to good ol’ TJ’s.  Every.  Single.  Day.  So when I went home last weekend I definitely made time to hit up my favorite branch of the best store ever.

And when I got there, I came across another thing I love:

How can you not LOVE apothecary jars?

They make such an easy way to add decoration to any room.  Or candy.  Or holiday decor!

I found three at TJ Maxx over the weekend, and I’m thrilled.  Especially because one of them was on clearance.  And I had a credit, so technically I didn’t spend a dime.  Now they’re living on my dining room table.

They’re all different, which just makes them that much greater.   The tops are varied.  There is height.  And the shapes are all unique but oddly complementary.

(Pictures taken again with my phone – sorry for the less-than-perfect resolution.)

But because it’s not Christmas yet, that jar filled with ornaments isn’t taking center stage right now.  Currently, we’re rocking this in order to have Thanksgiving decor (that can easily be switched on November 25th to start rockin’ ’round the Christmas tree).

I can’t wait to get some shelves on the wall.  You know.  To pretend they’re mantels and deck the halls.  But for now, I’ll just keep on lovin’ on my current set up.  The cranberries are my fave.  (Short for favorite.)  (FYI)  (For your information.)

Anyone else starting to prep for the holidays?  My other prep includes fantasizing about stuffing.  And gravy.  And turkey.  You know.  The goods.

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