I know.  This is going to be another random post in a week that only included one post that had anything to do with home life.  Well.  I guess that’s an exaggeration.  Or a straight up lie.  But I’m realizing that I should probably put in a few, “Oh hey.  What’s up?  I’m Catie and I suppose I should start revealing my true self to you instead of hiding behind Mad Men and bed posts.”  (Do you get it?  Do you get my pun?)

So here are ten things about yours truly that you may or may not already know:

1)  I love being clean, but I have a love-hate relationship with showering.  It’s the initial “oh my gosh I don’t want to get wet” thing that really holds me back.  Usually I take Sundays off.  (As in “Sundays are my day of rest when it comes to showering.”)  It’s not Kevin’s favorite thing about me.  Especially considering Sunday is usually the day we spend together.  I’ll try to be better.  (But I make no promises.)

2)  Sometimes I create my own personal writers/makers/crafty-creators block by taking on too many projects at once and not actually completing any of them.  Now is one of those times.  I have no fewer than… (I’m counting in my head)… seven different things partially completed.  In my defense, I don’t have a car.  This limits my productivity when it comes to getting somewhere like JoAnn’s or Lowe’s.

3)  Reading is important to me.  And I read all sorts of things.  I don’t limit myself to The Hunger Games and Twilight.  Right now I’m reading Game of Thrones.  (Which is about as realistic as either of the first two I mentioned.)  But I do also have on my nightstand the biography of Ben Franklin and Atlas Shrugged.  Admittedly, those two were purchased on impulse on my way home from getting drinks with coworkers.  But they are supposed to be amazing.  I’ll let you know.

4)  For some reason I always have useless tidbits going through my brain and I never stop talking, yet as soon as I say, “I am going to share ten things about myself” I freeze up and can only think about overshares.

5)  I’m not against overshares.  One that I am thinking of and that keeps jumping to the forefront of my mind is this:  I am fascinated that sometimes when I really have to pee, I find a bathroom and pee for minutes on end (exaggeration).  And then other times I have to pee just as badly, but I only pee for two seconds.  Don’t tell me I’m alone.  Not because I don’t want to be alone, but because I know I’m not.

6)  My teeth are soft.  My will power is softer.  I had a cavity filled on a Friday and went out and bought a bag of Milk Duds on Saturday.  (Apparently to celebrate.)  They were gone on Monday.  It was a bag of fun-sized Halloween Milk Duds.  And now I have to go back to the dentist because I fear I may need a root canal.  (Seriously, though, something ain’t right.  I’m going on Wednesday.)

7)  There is no hot water at my apartment right now.  This is the one thing that will get me out of bed int the morning and to the gym.  Personal hygiene.  (Refer to #1.  If it were Sunday and we had no hot water, it wouldn’t matter.)

8)  Figuring out the tense in which to write posts is a weakness of mine.  I say “tomorrow” when I write, but that really means “today” when you read.  And I’m inconsistent.  I can’t remember to make sure I’m always in one time zone or another.  (Meaning the present or the Twilight Zone.)

9)  Clarice accused me of having ADD.  Then she said I actually have ADHD.  I said I just have ADH.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s not a disorder.  But I couldn’t continue with the conversation because I was multitasking and pinning while watching PanAm while making up inappropriate comments in strange voices to tell the PanAm characters while eating dinner.  I think ADH is another way of saying COMTAO (capable of many tasks at one).

10)  I can’t count past 10.  I also fib.  Or exaggerate.  I’m not picky.

11)  I was straight up fibbing.  I’m at 11 and thrilled to be here.  Here at Friday, that is.  (Which technically, as I write this, is Thursday.)  (Refer to #8.)

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One Response to Braindump

  1. Carolyn says:

    OMG. You are hilarious, and I love you.

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