Take Off Your Coat. Stay Awhile.

This project took me a total of about 45 active minutes to complete (including two trips to the hardware store), but it took me two weeks to actually complete.  Meaning from the day I started to the day I finished, two weeks passed.  I hung a coat rack.  What’s up.  My coat.

With winter coming (and I suppose it was fall when I started this project…and fine.  It is still fall.  But you catch my (snow)drift).  Not that there are snowdrifts yet.  Because it isn’t winter.  Like I just said.  But it will be.  I think.  I mean.  It was 67 degrees Sunday but I swear.  It’s coming.

So anyway.  Enough chitchat.  On rainy days and snow days and cold days and all of those days throughout the year, it’s always wonderful to drop your coat at the door.  But we don’t have a place to drop our coats. Well.  We didn’t.  So I picked a place at the top of the stairs:

Where – as you can see – was already becoming a dumping ground.  This spot is just at the top of our stairs (and right where the world’s-grossest-rug ends), so it’s not only a nice stopping place, but then we don’t drag the dirt and the wet into the rest of the apartment.

I wanted the project to be as inexpensive as possible, so Kevin picked up a piece of 1×6 of scrap wood (already white) in his dad’s garage and I pulled out four extra white hooks that I already had.

And then I tried to screw it into the wall with anchors.  Which didn’t work.  The screws weren’t long enough and the wall is hollow, so that was a fail.  It fell right down.  And delayed the project by another 4 hours.  Finally I went to the hardware store and explained my situation and what I was trying to do.  I was sent home with 2 toggle bolts.

The purpose of the toggle bolt (which I only know because I watched a YouTube video) is that the bolt folds up and gets pushed through a hole big enough to accommodate the toggle piece before springing back open once they go through the wall.

The screw has to be put through whatever you’re hanging up and then the toggle piece added.

I then pushed both toggle bolts through the hole in the walls and proceeded to screw in the screws.  Fail.  The hole in the wood wasn’t big enough to allow the screw to screw into the toggle bolt (allowing it to pull the board toward the wall while maintaining the toggle piece tension inside the wall), so it just threaded itself into the wood.  I tried to take it out and lost the toggle in the wall (occupational hazard – once the toggles are pushed through the wall they aren’t ever coming out unless you drill an even bigger hole).  (And I’m about as confused by the way I’ve written this as you must be reading it.  YouTube it.  So much easier.)

And I was left with this.  For about a week.

I wanted to try and salvage the second toggle bolt, but Kev broke it to me gently that what I actually needed was to take the whole thing down (surrendering the second toggle to the space behind the wall) and make the screw holes bigger to keep the screw from screwing into the wood and thereby allowing it to actually screw into the toggle piece, securing it to the wall.  He also – genius – suggested washers.

A week after taking the whole thing down again, I finally shuffled back to the hardware store to purchase two more toggle bolts (at a whopping 40 cents apiece) and two washers (20 cents apiece) and came home, screwdriver in hand, to finish what I’d started.  Two weeks before.

It took me all of five minutes and I now have this:

I’ll be the first to admit that the washers ain’t pretty, but like I said.  Winter’s coming.  At some point.  This thing will be loaded with jackets.  Total cost of the project – including the sacrificed toggle bolts – $1.80.  Plus tax.  Suh.  Weet.

On another note: how happy are you that I don’t tell you about my projects in “real time”?  I’m thrilled.  I’m also thrilled that it’s only three days until I get to stuffing my stomach.  Ha.  I actually just laughed (although it was more of a half-smile while blowing a quick breath out of your nose and moving your head back slightly smirk-laugh) at that pun.  Cool.  It’s what I am.

Anything you’ve done lately that should have taken you 45 minutes but instead stretched out endlessly before you?  Did you do it to yourself?  Or are you just waiting for winter?

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