Chocolate. Chocolate. Cake. Chocolate.

Happy belated Thanksgiving, all!  I hope your day was full of treats and that you’re still totally stuffing-ed.  Ha.  I am.  But probably less because of the stuffing and more because of this chocolate cake that I’m about to share with you.

But first, the first few hours of my Thanksgiving:

7:11am – Alarm went off.

7:11am – Alarm was reset.

9:11 – Alarm went off again and I got out of bed.

9:12 – Donned my best baking outfit (sweats, glasses and a Hanes tee) and got to making some frosting.

10:00 – Ate frosting for breakfast.

10:15 – Went to the gym to run 2 miles to burn off the 200 calories (at least) of frosting I ate.  No more.  No less.  (Note that I didn’t run more in anticipation of the rest of the food/cake I was going to eat throughout the day.  It’s how I roll.  Minimalist.)

But back to the (blatantly instagram-ed) cake:

This is the cake for the chocolate lovers.  And I mean the chocolate lusters.  Not the chocolate faint-of-hearters.  The true chocolateers.  Such as yours truly.

The key to the most-delicious-and-moist-chocolate-cake-recipe I have yet to find is a combination of three easy additives:

I’m sure your first thought must be, “Um.  Hello.  It ain’t homemade if you use mixes.”  And it’s partially true.  But you aren’t just using a box.  You’re using a combination of boxes and containers and cartons galore.  These three are just the three key ingredients to super chocolatey and super moist.  And super unappetizing when in the bowl:

Not that the nastiness keeps me from being this person:

That’s right.  The person who intentionally leaves about 1/4 cup of batter in the bowl.  To do this…

Notice that there is chocolate on the spatula and my finger.  I use all methods short of sticking my face in the bowl to ensure that I get the most of my spared batter.  You might say I bake with intent.  (To eat all the batter.)  A side note:  One of my favorite things about this cake recipe is that the sour cream leads to a fluffier cake batter, which makes it incredibly easy to scoop into cupcake liners without dripping it all over the cupcake pan.  Neat and perfectly proportioned cupcakes are the result.

I split the batter between two 8″ round springform pans and popped them in the oven for about 25 minutes.  When you make this cake, be sure to check on the pans periodically.  My two cakes cooked differently and one needed to stay in longer.

I actually baked the cakes on Wednesday night and opted to wait until Thanksgiving morning to frost them.  Which is why I immediately went into a sugar coma at 9:15 on Thursday morning.  (The three dark chocolate covered caramels I had as a side to my frosting breakfast might have added to it…)

The chocolate frosting was made in an even messier fashion and included boiling sugar and heavy cream on the stove before transferring to a bowl with butter and chocolate and a dash of vanilla which is supposed to melt together before putting that bowl of chocolate-creamy-goodness into another bowl of ice water and mixing it with an electric mixer for 5 minutes and then using the frosting immediately.

Here’s how it really went:  I had the stove too low for the sugar and cream to boil, so it took about 10 minutes.  Then it was too high to simmer for the recommended 6 minutes, so I had to hold the pot just above the burner to make the mixture simmer while “stirring occasionally”.  (I hate electric stovetops for this reason.  No easy heat control.)  I then put the bowl of butter/chocolate/vanilla into the ice water bowl, dumped the hot cream and sugar mix in and proceeded to start stirring before I remembered that I was supposed to let the butter and chocolate melt before putting it into the ice water.  So I ran the bowl under hot water to bring the temperature back up and get all of the chocolate and butter melted and then put it back into the ice water.  And proceeded to whisk my arm off for about 7 minutes because I don’t have a hand mixer and Old Blue wouldn’t have worked because of the need for ice water.

Needless to say… I have no pictures of that process.

But I put a layer of the frosting (YUM) between the two cakes – and I wish I had put more because I misjudged how much frosting I would have left over – and then layered the second cake on before frosting the rest.

I’ll go right ahead and let you know it was a huge hit.  As a matter of fact, one of the two pies that were also served as dessert went completely untouched because everyone wanted some chocolate.

That was all that remained of the cake.



Mama O’ caught me in the act.  What can I say?  I like days that come full circle with chocolate frosting before 10am and chocolate frosting at 10pm.  I guarantee you that will be gone by the end of the day.

For the chocolate cake recipe, head on over to My Baking Addiction and find the frosting recipe on Food and Wine.  Now I’m going to spend the rest of the day being thankful for stretch pants.

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3 Responses to Chocolate. Chocolate. Cake. Chocolate.

  1. Mmmmmmmmm, chocolate cake. Looks amazing 😀

  2. please come make this for me…NOW:)
    look GREAT
    Please stop by and say hi!


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