Throw Pillows

When the Christmas bug bit me and inspired me to bust out some of the Christmas decorations, it also buzzed in my ear that I should head over to Marshalls to scope out their Christmas decor.  Admittedly, I was on the prowl for a tablecloth or runner and was unsuccessful in that search, but it wasn’t a trip made in vain:

My new favorite pillow.  The best part?  It’s soft.  Super soft.  The picture doesn’t do it justice (although it fully does justice for just how far I haven’t gotten on this chair redo).

But when I brought those dear deer (ha) out to the living room to make friends with our other pillows, I was finally inspired to bust out Mama O’s sewing machine (on permanent loan – thanks, Mom!) and deal with making new pillow case covers to replace these:

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the fabric.  But the cases themselves are rather ill-fitting and the green pillows emphasize the green in the rug which washes out the room and the color scheme doesn’t go with my favorite blue prints, so vamoose!  (Have no fear, green lovers, I merely tucked away the pillowcases for future use.)

Now our couch is more appropriately adorned with these:

(I know.  The little crease in the top makes it look so much more Etsy-like, doesn’t it?)

And the best part is that the deep blue looks fabu with my new antlered-friends-festooning-upon-a-pillow-for-the-Christmas-season and my favorite prints.

I had intended to make two square pillow covers (like the original green ones above), but I ran into a little snafu of sorts when I got saucy with my cutting.  I was about an inch and a half short of having the right amount of fabric for a larger square pillow (and, yes, there is more than an inch and a half of extra fabric on that small blue square), so I made a long rectangular pillow (a pillow form which I stole from my bed and repurposed in the living room) instead.  But it makes it a little awkward with all the big bold blue print – especially when neither blue pillow is a candidate for being layered behind another.  They can’t be put in a corner.  Let’s call them Baby.  And take a moment to go watch Dirty Dancing.  (Or Google “What is Catie talking about” if you don’t get the reference.)

But I’m confident I’ll figure it out.  Right now I’m just in love with the richness of the colors on the sofa and thrilled that the rug doesn’t look so green anymore!

I have more pillow plans to come (you can’t just have two patterns on a couch – especially if one is seasonal), and I’ll let you know when that sewing bug bites again.  Perhaps, if I’m able to figure it out, I’ll even write a how-to-torial.  (But just ask Betsy.  I am easily confused when it comes to sewing things inside out.)

I’ll let you know tomorrow how the Christmas tree choosing goes tonight!  Clarice and I can’t wait to get some greenery in our apartment (ever since I killed the basil plant we’ve had a sincere lack of chloroform chlorophyll [honest mistake] around here).  So many choices – size (small or smaller), type (inexpensive or less expensive), fullness (Charlie Brown or more-than-Charlie-Brown-but-less-than-Rockefeller-Center)… the list goes on and on.

And so does the list of my favorite Christmas songs.  Here’s another one for you – less traditional, but just as amazing:

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2 Responses to Throw Pillows

  1. Carolyn says:

    That fabric is amazing. I want a raincoat out of that blue, stunning cloth… are you up to the challenge?

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