Brunch (Specifically Cornflake Crusted French Toast)

Can we take a moment to observe praise hail promise everlasting love to brunch?  Note that I am not limiting this devotion to Sunday brunch.  As far as I’m concerned, every brunch is worth its weight in love.  And bacon.

I love pancakes.  Stonewall Kitchen’s Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix is the best pancake mix known to (this) man.  I shamelessly prefer ready mix to “be super Martha-y and make your own” because it’s so good I know I could never top it.  (I think the secret isn’t in the sauce, but in the fact that this stuff has malt in it.)

I actually bought my big bucket of it at L.L. Bean.  Kevin bought a coat.  That store is amazing.  So much variety.

But I also love French toast.  Perhaps more than pancakes.  We went to the Parker’s Maple Barn for breakfast on Sunday (after our first Christmas party of the season on Saturday – yay!) and it was delicious.  Kevin got the Parker’s Special:

And I got the Mini Parker’s Special with French toast:

And a pancake on the side…

The very best part was that (appropriately) Parker’s Maple Barn served real maple syrup.  Which I could eat/drink/consume with a spoon/straw/IV.  Whatever.

But when I can’t make it out for special breakfast treats, I sometimes treat myself (and Kevin – that lucky individual) at home.  A couple weekends ago we did Sunday brunch with Clarice and Austin.  I made cornflake crusted French toast (instagramed for ultimate appetiz-ation):

I love this stuff.  LOVE this stuff.  LURVE this stuff.  Fine.  I’ll stop.  But seriously.  You have to give it a try.  It’s incredibly easy.  The keys are 1) the cornflakes (duh) and 2) challah bread.  I found the recipe here on the Food Network and tweaked it to eliminate the almonds (Kev’s allergic to nuts – which hasn’t been a problem except for this one time at his brother’s wedding when I ate a cookie that I mistook for a snickerdoodle – it was peanut butter – and gave him a smooch…oops).  I also didn’t include the fancy fruit topping (on the French toast or the peanut butter cookie kiss).

Perhaps the best part about this particular recipe is that you start the French toast on a skillet but it ends up baked in the oven, so everyone gets his dish warm and at the same time.  I have yet to master the art of timing things in the kitchen to be done when you want them to be.  Many a cold egg has been eaten under my watch.

Anyhow.  I know it’s only Monday, but here’s to making Saturday/Sunday brunch plans early!  How was your weekend?  As fulfilling (ha) as mine?

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3 Responses to Brunch (Specifically Cornflake Crusted French Toast)

  1. ladyschuh says:

    I absolutly LOVE corn flake french toast!! My mom used to make it for us at Sunday brunch!! Yum yum yummmmmtastic 🙂 Ummm you will totally have to make this for me… I am now dying for corn flake french toast…. yummmy

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