Blow Your Skirt Up

So while I struggle to complete the Christmas canvases I talked about yesterday, I decided that I would share a quick fix with you guys that was simple and turned out a-okay on the first try.

We put our Christmas tree up last week and decorated it all in the same night.  And for a week we rocked this look:

And all I could think was, “My oh my, my tree is immodest.  No shame.  No hiding anything.”  Well that and “I hate that tree stand.”  But I usually don’t like tree skirts either because it makes watering the tree a massive pain in the rump.  (Because it’s a massive issue to undo the skirt and then redo it.  Not.  I’m just lazy.)

But then I went to my friend’s apartment and she had a tree skirt made of burlap.  Only it wasn’t made.  It was wrapped/propped.  Genius.  As soon as I got home, I took this:

And did this:

It isn’t perfect, but it was free, on hand, and I can just pull it off to water the tree and tuck it back on without any care for how it falls or anything.  Amazing.  (P.S.  My friend’s burlap skirt looks better and yes, I plan to wrap those boxes…even though they’re empty.)

In other news:  It’s raining in Beantown.  It’s already a week into December, and it is still in the 50s.  So I’m signing off with a little request for snow.  How’s the weather where you are?  Snowing yet?  Do you have a tree skirt?  Or are you a tree stand nudist?

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5 Responses to Blow Your Skirt Up

  1. Betsy says:

    Hahah my tree skirt is NOT cuter than yours — mine is actually a burlap table runner so it doesn’t even cover the whole base!

  2. Kathryn says:

    All I want is snow! our tree is also pulling a brittany spears… ugh, need to fix that

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