Holiday High Fives

When I was growing up my parents always received oodles (technical term) of Christmas cards.  Instead of putting them on the fridge (where mine are piling up), she used to hang them around the doorway, framing the entrance to the den.  Since then, I’ve seen a whole bunch of great ideas to make your Christmas cards part of your festive decor, but for now I’m sticking with the fridge.  Three cards does not a festive decor idea make.

But I’m telling you this because I decided to “grow up” this year and send my own Christmas cards!  Clarice and I spent Sunday evening watching Holiday Inn (classic) and Monte Carlo (a newly minted classic in my mind and I don’t care who knows it) and writing Christmas cards.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  Except for the fact that I couldn’t find the cards I ordered from Shutterfly earlier this year.  But while I was looking, I came across the holiday cards I’d bought last year and now folks are getting a “holiday high five.”

I was actually beyond thrilled to remember I had these (and by “remember” I mean “found while frantically looking for my other holiday cards”).  They’re from The Paper Source – aka my favorite place in the world – and I got them on sale after Christmas last year.  They’re small and different and I especially love the envelopes.

And who can possibly say they hate the idea of a holiday high five?!  Of course, as soon as I finished writing my ten of these (and remembering other folks who still needed cards), I found my original holiday cards.  This is both awesome and not awesome.

Awesome:  I can finish sending the cards to folks I have in mind, and I found them.  Not Awesome:  I already wrote my grandparents’ cards (and should have written them on the other ones because they’re easier to read), and I have to use them all this year because they have my current return address on them.  (Hint:  I might be moving come September.)

But enough about the good and the bad (and there isn’t any ugly here, if you ask me).  I will send out these holiday cards if it’s the last thing I do.  And if I don’t send them all out, it really won’t be the end of the world.  I got ten cards for free and only had to pay the shipping.  I’m looking at roughly 50 cents a card.

I know.  So mature.  I can hardly stand it.  But let’s be serious.  As grown up as (some) of my Christmas cards are, I’m just giddy that Christmas is now less than 2 weeks away, it’s finally getting cooler here, and wrapping is underway!

Are you sending out Christmas cards?  What’s the best card you’ve received?  Anyone else get in on some awesome Shutterfly deals?  And, as is becoming custom, here’s a little holiday tune-age for you if you’re still writing your cards…(just because I’m sending “grown up” Christmas cards doesn’t mean I’m a grown up – and if you haven’t heard this one, yet, you’re in for a treat):

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