Tape It Up

I finally got around to a couple of things last night.  (Yes, I’m still putting off my perpetually failing canvas project.)  First, I wrapped some more presents.  Although I will confess that a few of the “presents” are actually empty boxes…

That Clarice and I found here…

That’s right.  We stole a few boxes from this collection outside of the Russian market in Coolidge Corner.  Have no fear, the street boxes were the empty boxes that I wrapped.

And might I say that the tree looks so much more festive thanks to the additions.  (Check out the new “C” ornament, too!  It was a Christmas gift last year and doubly appropriate this year given there are two “C”s in the apartment.)

As a matter of fact, my burlap tree skirt is hardly even necessary anymore with these presents.  The red glitter bag is Clarice’s Christmas present (we are doing a roommate exchange), the smaller polka dot present is for Dad (his birthday present, actually), and the big red and white on the left is for Kevin.

This purple “Merry Christmas” present is for Mama O, and I am totally in love with the paper.

I actually bought purple polka dot paper, too, and though I would do all purple this year.  But then I found the other wrapping papers and they were on sale and…well… I love this one, too:

You can’t tell too much in the photo, but it has glitter on it.  Need I say more?  (P.S.  This one is also for you, Kev.)

Sidenote:  In case anyone is wondering why I am listing who gets what, it’s in an attempt to incite curiosity and impatience among the recipients.  Because I’m grown up like that.

I also got my tape on when I finally hung up our Christmas wreath.  I have had this wreath longer than I’ve had the Christmas tree.  Which means I have had it for over two weeks.  And I decorated it the day I brought it home.  But only last night did it finally make its way to the front door.

Yes.  Terrible picture.  I’ll try to remember to take one in the daylight.  Even worse is how I hung it:

We have a metal door and I don’t have a wreath hook.  Need I say more?  I used fishing wire to hang it, so it isn’t very noticeable from the outside.

I actually already had everything that I added to the wreath decorations (and the only thing I had to pay for last year was the little red bird – fifty cents at Christmas Tree Shop).  I love it.  And while I wish I could justify purchasing some garland for the rest of the stoop, I don’t want to chance not putting it up for two weeks because by then Christmas will have come and gone.

Tell me you’ve been more timely than I with your hanging, wrapping and shopping!

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3 Responses to Tape It Up

  1. Kevin says:

    Your attempt to get me curious worked

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