Russell House Tavern

Clarice and I decided that we are going to do “something new” once a week.  When I say “something new” I mean one drink at a new bar or restaurant each week.  Maybe split an app.  Maybe a dessert.  But we always end up at the beloved Coolidge Corner Clubhouse and never take advantage of all of the other locales Beantown has to offer.

We kicked it off on Wednesday night with a trip to Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square.  Four words (I’m counting every word):  Tasty and awesome atmosphere.

As promised to ourselves, we each had one cocktail and we split a carrot cake bread pudding.  The drinks were awesome and regularly priced at $9 a pop.

(In case you’re heading in that direction, I had the British Bee and Clarice had The Battle of Trafalgar.  You can see details and more drinks here.  P.S.  Where else would you find a cocktail called The Battle of Trafalgar but next to Harvard?)

We each preferred our own drink to each other’s (thank goodness).  But I will say that the carrot cake bread pudding wasn’t anything to write home about.  I’ve already promised myself that I will go back with Kevin for dinner.  (What do you think, Kev?)

I’ll sign off with a warning that you may not hear from me on Friday, but I’ll make up for it with a party recap next week!  That’s right – we’re having a party.  And by “we” I mean Betsy is hosting and we’re pitching in with the baking/cooking/everything else we found and fell in love with on Pinterest.

I anticipate that this is how I’ll feel on Sunday…

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3 Responses to Russell House Tavern

  1. Kevin says:

    Sounds good to me assuming they also serve beer

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