Party Time

We had a Christmas party!  Well – there was a work party on Thursday (hence no post on Friday) and then we had our very own party on Saturday!  (And by “we” I mean girls I work with and Clarice and I definitely didn’t host it.  Our place is way too small.)  But it was awesome.

Saturday morning Kevin helped me take down all of our Christmas decorations to pack up and bring to Betsy’s, and the decorating/baking/cooking started at 11am and didn’t end until the party started at 4pm which didn’t end until midnight…  My back still hurts from standing all day.

Highlights of the party (of which I took no pictures, but click on the borrowed pictures to get to the link!):

1)  Holiday Punch – incredible and dangerous.  Also kid friendly before the alcohol is added.  Bonus!

2.  Crock pot macaroni and cheese – made as a last minute replacement for bombed meatballs and gone in no time.

3.  Buffalo Chicken Dip – Betsy makes the best buffalo chicken dip in town.  Kev’s reaction: “Catie, you need to stop taking pictures of the kids and start taking pictures of this recipe.”  Unfortunately, Catie doesn’t follow directions well, so there are no pictures to be had.

4.  Hot Chocolate Bar (which was just as cute as the Pinterest pin that Betsy copied.

5.  Grilled cheeses that were rolled out at 10pm.  And baked instead of done in a pan, so we made 13 at once, cut them in half and toured the room with a pedestal piled high with the tasty sandwiches.  They were gone in 5 minutes.

I could go on and on, but I don’t think you’re that interested.  I just have to say that even though we were working all day (and a little on Friday night), it was well worth it.  Although.  Betsy and her hubby got stuck with the clean up, so they might have a different opinion…

Anyone out there hosting any Christmas parties?  Or Christmas itself?  That might be a little too big of an undertaking for me to handle.  At least for 20 years.  (Mom – how does that timeline sound?)

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2 Responses to Party Time

  1. Mom says:

    Guess it all depends on how large our family becomes during the next 20 years….
    Love ya,

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